My Puppy Wont Let Me Sleep Now!!!

  • Ok, well, technically that is an exaggeration :p But she is being a bit cheeky at the moment… Let me explain!!

    I have recently bee "provisionally" diagnosed with menieres (takes at least a year to diagnose officially, but anyway....) and one of the symptoms of that are really bad spells of vertigo. And one of the side effects i get from that is getting REALLY tired. Like, going to fall asleep any second tired :rolleyes: So we have been tucked up in bed by 9:30 most nights recently, 10pm absolute latest! As usual, Delilah my pug sleeps under the covers at my feet and Maya sleeps on the pillow next to me 😃 She is a complete angel, i have to say that. She gets on "her" pillow, curls up, goes to sleep and doesn't move all night til we wake up. But this week, obviously we've been going to bed too early :rolleyes: She has been waking me up at 5:30am on the dot (ok ok, 6am today, i got a lie in!!!), very sweetly i might add - face licking and very gentle tapping on my face with paws til i wake up! But still, it would be nice to sleep in til half 6 in the morning maybe, 7am would be fantastic :p I cant possibly be mad at her as she is SO excited when i do wake up, she wiggles, wags and yodels at me and just wants loads of cuddles 😃 But would an extra half hour kill her, really??? 😃 I am exhausted now. Still another couple of hours left at work and im already nearly asleep!!!

    Anyway, sorry for the pointless post. Maya is just incredibly adorable and the cutest thing ever. Even when she wakes me up its cute!! But that is the one thing that i would change about her - give me an extra half an hour lie in Maya!!!! :rolleyes:

  • You might not find her so sweet when the clocks change!!

  • Oh God, i hadn't thought of that lol!!

    Someone might be sleeping downstairs in a crate when that happens… 😃

  • I haven't slept past 5:30 am more than a handful of times in the last year! Our older dog (not a 😎 hears the neighbor's truck, when he leaves for work, and decides that is when she should go out! Fortunately for me, most of the time (notice I say MOST) both dogs go back to sleep after a quick trip to the yard.

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