Digital is 12!

What a great tribute to your care and your breeders knowledge.

And a great wonderful b-day to him!!!!!! I hope he had a wonderful day!!!!

Happy Barroooo Day, Digital!

Happy Happy B-day!!! 🙂 Love the pic of you on the agility course!

Happy B-day to the handsome Digital! Wow, how time does fly. I can't imagine how nice the ride has been with him. 🙂 I'm sure you guys will have many more great memories together!

Happy Birthday Digital! Looks like mine have a lot to live up to with all of these senior basenjis & their accomplishments!

Happy Birthday Digital!! You look amazing on that lure couring pic!!

Happy Birthday you great looking racer !!!

Happy Birthday Diggie!!! What a wonderful and accomplished road so far!

Happy birthday Digital - hope you got lots of treats!

Happu birthday! and very nice pics!!!

Happy Birthday, Digital. May you have many more years with the humans you chose all those many years ago.

Diggie, care to share how you found those 2-footers you cared for, for all these years??

BYW…you still look great. Handsome as ever.

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