• Yesterday was Digital my brindlewonderkid's birthday. He turned 12. He's been one of the top 3 agility basenjis in the nation for 8 years running. He was my first conformation basenji, my first performance basenji and he has excelled at everything I've asked. All the accomplishments are his; the failings are mine. The third conformation show we went to, he got a Group 1. The first leg for his SC, he got Best in Field. And then his agility career. And he still loves going to the nursing/Alzheimer's homes. He recently told me he might like to slow down just a bit, so the end of the year I put him in Perferred novice. He was a little confused at doing only 1/2 a course, but looked good and seemed to enjoy himself. So in 2009 we'll try for our novice and open P titles and leave the rankings for the young up and coming dogs. I just enjoy being out there with Digital. He's been so good to me and everyday is a celebration with him.

    Digital - mBiF, group winning, AKC Dual Ch (FC, Ch), RN, SC, MX, MXJ, EAC, EJC, OGC, AD, ASFA FCh, TDIA, MVB, 2002/2007 #1 agility basenji (AKC rankings)

    getting his JC many years ago

    2006 in my back yard

    King of the sunspots

  • Happy Birthday Digital. You're a very accomplished and beautiful boy.

  • Happy birthday Digital! Nicky says be sure to enjoy a sunbeam!

  • What a great tribute to your care and your breeders knowledge.

  • And a great wonderful b-day to him!!!!!! I hope he had a wonderful day!!!!

  • Happy Barroooo Day, Digital!

  • Happy Happy B-day!!! 🙂 Love the pic of you on the agility course!

  • Happy B-day to the handsome Digital! Wow, how time does fly. I can't imagine how nice the ride has been with him. 🙂 I'm sure you guys will have many more great memories together!

  • Happy Birthday Digital! Looks like mine have a lot to live up to with all of these senior basenjis & their accomplishments!

  • Happy Birthday Digital!! You look amazing on that lure couring pic!!

  • Happy Birthday you great looking racer !!!

  • Happy Birthday Diggie!!! What a wonderful and accomplished road so far!

  • Happy birthday Digital - hope you got lots of treats!

  • Happu birthday! and very nice pics!!!

  • Happy Birthday, Digital. May you have many more years with the humans you chose all those many years ago.

    Diggie, care to share how you found those 2-footers you cared for, for all these years??

    BYW…you still look great. Handsome as ever.

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