Litter planned for Fall 09 (I hope)

Has her temp been that low for the entire time? Or did it get back to normal and then drop again yesterday?

Many times a maiden bitch can fool you.. My Maggii didn't look big enough for 3, let only the six that she had

After I talked to the vet, it was up to 99.1, but it never went any higher than 99.5. The vet kept saying don't worry too much since she's active, eating, drinking and healthy. It hasn't dropped suddenly, just gradual until the 97.8, 97.9. My friend is on standby with her cell phone on all the time, so she's ready, the vet's ready (I talked to him on Monday when I did the x-ray-he said everything is on standby and if I need him he'll be ready as well) and I'm definitely ready. She's been moved into my bedroom, the whelping box is ready, I've got the shower curtain to protect my bed, baby blankets washed and ready, water bottles at the ready, hemostats are always sterile-just a waiting game now! Here are two pics from just about two minutes ago.

Fingers crossed for a smooth delivery and many healthy pups! I can hardly wait to see little B/W pups…my favorite color (shhh, don't tell Nicky & Eddie (tris)).

Yes, good luck! I hope you get lots of little b/w pups too!

Poor mamma she looks like she is ready, Good luck and the best.

Rita Jean

Here are two pics of Damisi today. I know it's hard to see, but she's definitely hanging low. Puppies are moving all over now as well. By the way, temp was still 97.7 today.

Damisi so very pretty how much longer?

Rita Jean

She is almost to the end I think…

She?s so big!!


poor Damisi, she is huge..soon, it will be time soon.

two more days-I hope!

She's huge.. I think she gets 5…. 4 girls, 1 boy 😉

I hope everything goes as planned 🙂

Thanks for all the well wishes everyone. BTW Janneke, all b/w too-a little quintet of tuxedos!


Thanks for all the well wishes everyone. BTW Janneke, all b/w too-a little quintet of tuxedos!

😃 that would be great!! Can't wait to see pics!! Don't let us wait too long, Damisi!! 😉

Damisi looks fit to burst 😃
Best wishes for a safe delivery

4 puppies were born yesterday inbetween 355 and 515. Three black boys (7-71/2 oz each) and 1 Tri boy(8oz). The quality of the pics aren't great, but you get the idea.

Aaaah.. beautiful..!! Congrats!


They are beautiful..huge congrats from us in Houston..

Congrats and so happy that the delivery went well…really cute!:D:D


Congratulations Arlene!

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