Litter planned for Fall 09 (I hope)

For AKC it is 12 years but I don't know if CKC has a requirement and if so what the age is.

I don't think CKC has a requirement, I will be looking into it (good point Lisa, I never even thought about that-I've been spending the last few months tracking him down). Scott wants to do the Fanconi Linkage test, and if he doesn't do it within a few months, I will order it and get it sent to him for him to do it. He says he wants to do all the testing and the last time (a few years ago he says) he did his eyes, they were okay. Scott's been out of the loop for about five years and wasn't even sure what the linkage test was. I had to explain it to him. Hopefully, he is easy to work with.

We used a 10yo dog last fall and he sired a litter of 3 and a litter of 7.
He was used in January and has a litter of 6-7 due this week.
Next time girls are in I will collect him again.
There is no better time than the present!

I never found Scott odd….
just very quiet and sweet and very easy to talk with about his dogs.

I'd certainly get testing done, especially a semen count.
You'd hate to come breeding time have spent the $$$ to fly down there, breed, then get nothing out of it.
You can always make a ''back-up'' plan then go to breed and take him for an analysis yourself BEFORE breeding.
If there isn't anything there, go back home and use the other dog.

Best of luck to you.

Never thought of that Kathy Thanks! Scott phoned me back at 7 and then phoned me back at 1130 pm-as excited as a schoolboy. He's endearing, but sometimes his brain is not where it should be. I do like Scott, but he's still odd-come to think of it, so am I-so we should get along great!

Oooooh, pretty black and white puppies! I can't wait!

Does Scott live in Florida now or is Wylie still living with Peg Grundman in Florida?


Does Scott live in Florida now or is Wylie still living with Peg Grundman in Florida?

Whylie has not lived with Peg for many years now. He was returned to Scott as per the contract.

And yes, I love b/w. They are so elegant. Not that the other colours don't have their 'things' either. I'm just partial to b/w

One breeding has taken place. I will try again tomorrow. We flew Wylie up and he will fly back down on Sat. Also did a semen smear. There are lots of little swimmers and hardly any rejects that we could find. So it should be successful if Damisi has eggs. All she's done is scream at poor little Wylie! Scott did try a semen test, but no luck as there were no bitches around in season at that time. With any luck, he will try to draw a few straws from the old guy. He's a beautiful boy with a great temperment.

Oops both Wylie and Damisi are Fanconi clear. Since we have very few good vets up here in looking at basenji eyes, her eyes will be done(hopefully) in November.

Second breeding has taken place. We will try once more before I ship Wylie back home tomorrow morning at 430am. Ugh!

Good luck, Arlene 🙂 I have always really liked Wylie (and Scott)

Thanks Andrea. Scott has been really good about the whole thing. We had a few errors with flying Wylie up, but Scott was a real trooper about it. We had a third breeding today. So first Tie was 23 min, second was 14 and third was 11.

Here are some updated pics of Wylie at (almost 12 (Dec)). He has a lot of white on his face for me, but Misi doesn't have much at all. So, hopefully, it will work out.


He is pretty and so is your girl. Keeping my fingers crossed for a great litter, lost of B/W pups..

He looks good! Good luck 🙂

He looks fabulous! I liked him when I saw him as a puppy and watched him being shown as an adult. He's a fine boy and I hope all goes well for you.

Good luck handsome boy.

Rita Jean

Thank you everyone. I will keep you updated.

Is he 12 (almost) on this pics??

Yes, that was taken when I took him back to the airport on Oct 04 just passed.

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