Litter at Mody?s homekennels!

Today, 6 supercute basenji puppies were born at Mody?s homekennels Elegant Elephant! Proud parents are Faraoland Xtravaganza ( Tillo?s mummy) and Dipop Red Donner! My congrats to breeder Asa and proud parents!


Beautiful litter and pretty momma. She looks very tired.


Congrats Elegant of my favorite breeders in Sweden, they have beautiful basenjis..just look at Mody and Tillo..two prime examples..

I am sure little ones will follow our steps and maybe some of owners will appear here once:)

Yeay! Tillo got some cute brothers and sisters! 🙂

Very sweet all look so happy with mama.

Rita Jean

Beautiful little Pups and Beautiful (tired)Mum

Congratulations! All red too!

Asa finally made wonderfull pics of little mice 🙂
Here you can see them:
Aren?t they the cutest? 🙂

They are just perfect! I love the fact that they have only a little amount of white..!!

Yes, they are very very red ( maybe too much for me 🙂 )….I like white collars and white marks between eyes 🙂


Very cute…I too, love the very little white on them, so adorable..

They are little loves.

Rita Jean

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