2010 Litter Announcement

Dogo Habari Basenjis and Enchanted Basenjis wish to announce the breeding of Kinetic's Enchanted Knight and Sherwood's Something Sweet. Litter is due November 27, 2010. Blacks, tris and possible reds are expected.

Sugar owned by Arlene Bacon/Robyn Dubbert

Cole owned by Deborah Voss/Lisa Voss

Further information regarding the health status of both are available at either:

Unfortunately all puppies are already spoken for. If I had 10 we could place them with no problem!!

Very exciting plans! I have my fingers crossed for some happy and healthy puppies! This is such a great time.. with all the litter plans!! 😃

Wow, what beautiful "parents" for this new litter.
I know anyone who gets one of these puppies will have a real treasure.

Both beautiful Bs!

Please post pics of the babies so I can smell their puppy breath!!!!


Wishing you all best of luck with your beautiful litter to be. Sounds like those will be some happy new B owners. Can't wait to see pics once they are born.

What a exciting time!!!

Lots of succes with the soon to be newborn B?s!

Thank you everyone, we are very excited and hope for very good things. Cole is a beautiful dog with a fabulous temperment. He should complement Sugar very well.

Lisa is co-owner of Cole, but is not the co-breeder of the litter, just wanted to clear up that part.

We were blessed with a 'small' litter of 6 puppies. This resulted from one breeding, the last day that Cole showed interest. We have two tri girls, three black boys and a red girl.


Congrats of the Cole/Sugar babies!!! Nice even split of 3/3… and interesting color combo.... all black boy, tri & red girls....

Congrats to that "small" litter :D. And agree with Tanza, very nice color combo! I am looking forward to see them growing up.

Yay!!! Welcome babies!

Congratulations! Bet they will be lovely when they grow up too!

Cole is such a sweetheart, I'm sure he contributed great temperaments and awesome lure coursing ability as well!

Congrats on the new pups!!!

I'm sooo jealous of people that get to raise puppies! 🙂

Congratulations! I can't wait to see more photos! And possibly meeting them whenever possible! Hopefully it doesn't snow yet!

Boy puppy #1

Boy puppy #2

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