• So, we had a big show today.. and Tillo messed up big time.. He growled and snapped at the judge and ended his show being disqualified.. Something to be proud off…... (NOT!)

    But we did take some nice photos, so, for everybody who couldn't go (haha) here some (a lot of) shots! (they are a bit dark.. but I didn't feel like photoshopping them.. sorry)

    The ring:

    Tillo still being nice:

    Other B's out of his class:


    Other males:


    Buana ring side :D:


    I have no pics of the girrrls.. sorry..

  • Great pictures Janneke ! And indeed, Tillo is a very handsome boy !:)
    I have some great news too … Watch the new threads !!!;)

  • Oh Tillo, you're so hansome, but you gotta let the judges touch you!

  • great pictures!!!!

    well, it's ok Tillo, we all have days when we dont want anyone bothering us.

  • Great pic´s so Tillo had a hissy fit oh well those kinda things can happen how old is he again???
    What you can do is ring practice were different people check his teeth and family jewels if he´s ok then praise if he´s not then do not scold him but show that it´s not ok.
    Take him to unofficial shows were if there´s a new incident it won´t go on record but most of all keep yourself calm and assertive or your nerves can affect his behaviour.
    Some say that spraying Dap spray all over your clothes just before practice can do the trick.Or DR.Bachs Rescue Remedy given to the dog and yourself of course all this is done during training as it´s considered doping.

  • Great pics, Tillo is very beautiful.. and Hailey is sooo in love with him…

    Tillo, had a bad day, or he just didn't like the judge..
    I never saw him act that way.. he usually is so friendly!

    Janneke, don't be scared by yesterday, it's a very sweet dog...

  • oow and the picture of Buana hahahaha

    He wanted to see all the other B's, but first can't look trough the benches.. but on the suitcase he can see everything…

  • Hello,

    I would present to you my lovely SHMI

    Eurodogshow 2008

    Tulln CACIB

  • Great pics:D

    He must have been having an off day or there was something he really didn't like about the judge😕

  • @africanbasenji:


    I would present to you my lovely SHMI

    Eurodogshow 2008

    Tulln CACIB

    Congrats ! Beautiful shots and indeed a very handsome B/W B (boy/girl ??) ! 🙂

  • Thank you! She is 🙂 female …http://www.freewebs.com/africanbasenji

    under Shmi …

  • Thanks…

    You mean on the table?

  • Hi Barbara. I'm glad you joined. You can introduce yourself in the Member Introduction section.


  • Hi Arlene,
    I have send some picts about Shmi … I like this picts 🙂
    I hope here may I meet with nice Basenji owners...

  • You will meet many nice people.

    Sorry Janneke, Barbara is still feeling her way around. Tillo is very nice. What I first learned when starting to show Basenji's is that you should get them used to different people handling them. Including people with glasses, hats on, people who smoke cigarettes/cigars, funny smells, sights, etc. That way they get used to a bunch of different people.

  • where is the Member Introduction section 🙂 and why I cant give a picture to my profile? …

  • Have you see my find dog? A mixed girl was walk on the street 😞


    She goes very well with the Basenjis! She loves Shmi much…

  • Under Basenji Forums-Your online Basenji Community (the main page) is a bunch of forums threads. In the first section is the Member introductions. Click on that and press start new thread. You can also go to Forum help and Information to read on how to post a picture. Picture size is important. Mili is very cute.

  • Janneke..I hope Tillo has worked out his table problem. A couple words of advice, because I have been there….oh, boy, have I been there! Querk pretty much put an end to his show career because he rumbles on the table...every time....he never snaps, but it was just too stressful to me to know that he was going to 'complain' every time I put him on the table.

    Anyhow...try not to get nervous about it, because the minute you do, he is going to feel really worried and feel the need to growl. This is so easy to say, and so hard to do! As a pp said, practice, practice, practice somewhere that you feel totally at ease...and then use that practice to help you stay relaxed at a real show.

    I found that as I realized my dog was quite nice, and had a chance to win, I would get more nervous, and that would make his behavior worse....if I thought I didn't have a chance to win, I wasn't nervous, and he behaved beautifully....ironic!

    I like the idea of spraying DAP on yourself...I also used yoga breathing techniques to stay calm, and sometimes used the rescue rememdy on myself!

    Also, remember fall/winter is the hardest time to show basenjis because of the testosterone poisoning 😉 Also, was this his first indoor show? That can be alarming to pups as well; you know, sounds different, smells different, everyone is jammed together.

    He is lovely dog...I sure hope he can get past this and you two can have a successful show campaign.

  • I'm sure Tillo will straighten out with practice and time and the two of you will go on to great things.

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