Fingers crossed

First of all, I want to thank everybody on here who has helped to educate, advise & support all basenji owners regarding Fanconi. I would have been lost without directions on how to order, the CPP website, etc. (Especially thanks to Tanza for the cheekswab info! So much easier than blood draw!)
And I just ordered the cheek swab tests for Booger & Lola. Thanks to Yodeldogs (Robyn of Sherwood Basenjis), I know Booger's line has a decent amount of Fanconi risk through his father. Lola is his cousin, but I have limited information about her parents.
Any positive thoughts in our direction would be appreciated… I feel a little queasy whenever I think about it.

Here are my positive thoughts!!

Happy thoughts and good energy for good results. 🙂

Sending my positive thoughts your way for favorable test results!


Good vibes coming your way for good results…. regardless, we will all be here to support you

Yes, Pat is right, we will be here for you.

Hopeful thoughts going your way – we're all here to help support you.

Sending good thoughts. Kiora has her paws crossed.

Thanks for all of the good thoughts! Just waiting for the tests to come in, so I can send them back & hurry up & wait.

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