Myrans became a daddy Nov 1st

girl number 1 and the only boy:D Three girls and one boy were born at Kennel Dakarai in Finland .Myran is the proud daddy ´hmmm…....does that make me a granma......????:o

Pinja aka Fin Ch Dakarai Jamili Lina resting after a job well done Myran is soooo proud of his firstborn:D


Congrats on Myran's litter! Sanna-Maija and I were on puppy watch together. She got all the girls and I got all the boys.

I must say they are cute!

They are so cute! I love the little pink noses. I love seeing all of these new baby pictures.



Yes Sanna- Maija was really lucky to get three girls Myran was one of 4 brothers so all boy there and his sister Efia comes from a litter of 5 girls.
The dream would be to get 3 girls and 2-3 boy´s.Isn´t your B/W related to Helenes dog Suddanly Swede Playing Karimba or am I totally wrong..

Congratulations on the new babies!

Oh wow they are gorgeous!!! Huge congrats granny!!

Ok.. isn't it time for a photo update…...??

😉 😃 😃

Congrats grandmom!!!… there soooo cute...

Girl number 1 age 2 weeks:D

What a face!!!!!

Need help but i´m trying 😉

Girl nr 2 a copy of her american grandad even has the same spot on her head:D

Yes these are the two I like the best and so does the breeder/owner of their mum.Pup´s were cheek swabbed yesterday now we wait for answeres on their fanconi status.

I love girl number 2 markings! I can't wait to see her as she grows up!!

what cute babies! Can't wait to see more pictures!

Myran my wonderful boy and a proud father of these sweet babies.As soon as I get more pic´s i´ll will post can´t wait to see them stacked and moving especiall girl nr 2:D

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