VIDEO - 1st Annual Easter Meat Hunt

  • First Basenji's

    Never got around to posting this back in April, but better late than never i guess 🙂

    After hosting an Easter Egg hunt for our friends' kids, we decided we should have our own hunt for our fur-kid, Bimmy. Watch Bimmy as he searches the yard for yummy bits of meat.

  • Whew, I was so expecting that to be a video of teh death of the Easter bunny. (My basenjis have been out to get the Ebunny for years)

  • Vickie Perrine can tell you that her Basenji "often" got the "Ebunny"…..

  • Very fun! Thanks for sharing the hunt.

  • Such a good idea! Bimmy is a ham!

  • @tanza:

    Vickie Perrine can tell you that her Basenji "often" got the "Ebunny"…..

    My DH is familiar with me yelling "You need to perform a funeral!!!"

    squeamish readers should stop reading right now

    The first rabbit Zest! caught (and not quite dead) she brought to me. The second rabbit (dead) she also brought to me. Somewhere around the 3rd or 4th rabbit she stopped bringing me her treasures because (in her mind) I was a class A ungreatful weenie. (Uhm, she may have a point.) We have lots of stupid rabbits around here. I don't know if they confuse Digital the brindlewonderkid who, at almost 16, doesn't run very fast with Z or what. I wish the redtailed hawk would move back into the area to help control the population. (beats the heck out of having the coyotes)

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