• I actually thought that Basenjis didn't wag their tails. I just read in another thread that one person's B was so happy he/she came up with tail wagging etc. I was confused. Then the very next day, I walked in the door, Joey ran up to me and was so happy to see me I saw his tail wag! Yippee! We have had him only a month (he's 11 months) and I am guessing he just needs adjustment time before he acts like a true basenji!!

  • Sahara always comes up to me with her tail going crazy with waging when I come home from anywhere. I have always thought this was natural. She also lowers her head and ears are also down. She is such a sweetie!!!

  • Abbey doesn't wag at all. I don't know how a tightly curled tail could be "waggable" if that's a word. She can straighten it out if she's really relaxed, like when she's being petted, but that's it.

  • Dukes tail is cut short, but it wags. When he's very excited, his little butt wiggles with it - vigorously! 😃

  • fender wags his tail when he is happy. its almost like he is trying to shake all the curl out of it 🙂 he also straightens it when he is relaxed. i do not think all basenjis wag. i do not remember any of the dogs i have had in the past wagging.

  • Nala kind of wags her whole butt, but the tail does wiggle too. This only happens when she is expremely happy to see someone. Her ears are in what we refer to as "The flying nun" position at the same time.

  • Our male only wags his tale for certain people…and it is just a really short burst of wags. Ivy NEVER wags her tail, unless she is inviting play with other dogs. Blondie wags all the time 🙂 Bella wags occasionally, but usually towards other dogs...Luna wags all the time!

  • Jazzy wags her tail when we come home after being gone a while, whenever she sees Bryan at a show, and when she sees other Basenjis. Otherwise, that thing never moves.

  • huh, all this is interesting (as tho everything else isn't?!, duh!). Joey's tail is curled very tightly and it did wag when curled tightly! He also relaxes his tail fully unraveled when he is chillin'.

  • My Hollie's tail was cropped by someone, but the little stub wags like crazy when she is happy.

  • I see the entire body wag from my guy Gibby..the tail does wag if he is REALLY happy to see someone but not for everyone. It's kind of funny how they can control that aspect of emotion…he's the same with a "barooo." Some people he greets with one and others he just investigates. I learn more about him all the time by paying attention to his signals!

  • Kate and Fiber rarely wag; they're the SERIOUS types, Tex wags and "Baroooos", Dude sometimes wags, usually at one of the other dogs or when he's chasing the laser light, Lela and Arrow wag all the time whenever they see us, and Amina wags her tail, her whole body and leaps joyfully all over anyone brave enough to enter the back yard with her, doing backflips as necessary. The old man, Dino, has always been very reserved. His version of tail wagging was to uncurl and re-curl his tail twice. Now that he's almost 15 his tail is almost always straight. Guess it takes too much energy to keep it curled!


  • Jazzy's tail remains tightly coiled when wagging. I love it!!

    It only uncurls when she is sleeping, and even then not always.

  • I wag a little…but I keep it curled when I do it. My people laugh because it looks funny to see the cinamon roll wiggle around...so I don't do it often, usually to invite play or maybe three times when he comes home for lunch.

  • Neither Marco Polo nor Taj wag. Marco's only been with me year, but I raised Taj from an 8 week old pup. Ellie will occasionally wag in a very restrained manner when I come home – I really have to watch closely to see those two or three faint wiggles.

    The only time I saw Ellie wag vigorously was upon my return when my B crew stayed with a friend while I made an unexpected week-long trip out of town. She wagged, cavorted, flung herself back-down on the ground and continued wagging while I rubbed her belly. That is also the day that she made her one and only "roo" at me -- it was very brief and very soft, but extremely touching to me. She makes a wide variety of other sounds all the time but that one little "roo" was so precious.


  • That's interesting, I had no idea that some B's didn't wag. My girl wags every time we come home get up from the couch or talk to her. It's a very tightly curled tail that jiggles back and forth very quickly. It's pretty funny. I have yet to see her tail uncurled even when she's sleeping.

  • Both of my girls are tail waggers and yodelers. They are very demonstrative about their feelings. I am always greeted with vigorous wagging and a loud yodel from Rally and Rio fills me in on the whole day with series of yodels, burrs, and I don't even know how to describe them sounds. Nicky on the other hand will occasionally give me a dink dink of his tail but only really wags it when he is trying to entice the girls to play with him or he is waiting for his turn at the lure. Nicky also does not yodel and rarely vocalizes at all.

  • My mother used to have a tri girl years ago that wagged her tail in a circle so fast, you'd think it would lift her butt right off the ground like a helicopter!! lol 🙂

  • Mali wags her tail when she is happy. I notice it most when I come home from work. But it's not like the normal dog wag… still it's cute going all fast like a tightly curled little piggy-tail =^-^=

  • Iluvmali, great avatar, just saw the wagging tail! 🆒

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