• Zoeys tail has been drooping now going on day 2. I noticed yesterday evening and all day today she just walks around with this strait little tail and I'm starting to worry. Tomorrow i'm calling the vet but wondered if I'm over reacting. Is she just getting the winter blues. It has been cold here and we are trying to keep bills down but always leave the heater on if we have to leave her crated. She sleeps in our bed curled behind my knees at night so I know she is warm. She is able to curl her tail and she does curl in from time to time for very short periods. Tonight it popped up as she went pee but then Lizzy charged her and it drooped again. So now I wonder if Lizzy is the problem . She is so much bigger than Zoe and can run her down like a truck. Yet Zoe still goes after her to play. Anyone have any input on this?

  • While I don't have any real suggestions, I will remark that if she typically has her tail up and curled and now it is not, I would have to say there is something going on.. this is for sure a change in behavior. I can alway tell is my kids were out of sorts if their tails suddenly were down… and I am not a big believer in things like winter blues... now if it was after being in season, then I would say yes to what we call the "blue funk"... I would doubt after this long if Lizzy was the problem.

    While she is pretty young for Fanconi, have you been strip testing her, if I remember correctly she was DNA Affected? Best to rule out the obvious. And/or have you noticed any other change in behaviors?

  • Could she have some type if injury to her neck/back? Maybe slipped?
    Pats suggestion is very good however.

  • Yes I'm definitely calling the vet to get her in. She still wants to play in spurts but she just doesnt seem her usually perky self. Zoey is always happy and she just seem so down right now. She is eating and right there when you ask if she wants a treat and even up for play but when we arent starting it she is so quiet and zoey rarely not moving with energy. I havent strip tested her I thought I had until she was 2. I will get on that.

  • I had an ACD who wasn't docked. One day, the kids were playing a little rough with him and his tail got pulled a little too hard. His normally active tail drooped for a few days but eventually became its active self again. I'm not suggesting you wait to see the vet. I am saying she may have been playing rough and gotten her tail injured. Please let us know how it goes.

  • Sometimes dogs get back injuries and that can make the tail drop. Playing too hard and a wrong move or just jumping off the bed can do it. In that case the vet gives pain meds but if you can get the dog to a chiropractor that treats dogs they will have her fixed quickly.

  • I'm hoping the answer will be simple. Since she is was tested affected I am worried. I was hoping I would luck out and she will have a long clear life. Though I admire many breeds its the basenji that has my heart. I waited so long to get my B (25 yrs) so just to think about it happening so soon breaks my heart. I have had her almost a year and she is my joy each day. So I have to think possitive and wait till she sees the vet.

  • Hope everything goes alright for Zoey at the vets and she's soon back to her normal curly tailed self.

  • Max only has his tail down when he's sick, hurting or really scared (vet or thunder usually does it). I'm glad you're taking her to the vet. Hope she's better soon.

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