• I'm new here but have gained allot of knowledge both before and after bringing Marley home. these are a few pics of my black and white B.

    She is about 15 weeks, and so far is not an escape artist or climber, not very destructive for a puppy. She is very personable, likes to stay close me and my wife, and she HATES the crate, but we are working on that.

    p.s. The duck is now less a wing and foot.

  • How adorable! Congrats on the new puppy! Where did you get her from??

  • She sure is cute! Welcome to Forum!

    Anne in Tampa

  • adorable…good luck...and enjoy

  • how cute - did you get her from Jerlin?

  • She's cute. 🙂 Welcome to the forum!

  • Very cute…you will get lots of help here with puppy raising.

  • What a cute puppy!!

    Welcome! 🙂

  • Welcome to the pack… What a cutie you have there. 🙂

  • Welcome Will_s, and Marley. She's adorable. Thank you for joining and sharing the great pics.

    I was drawn to your post as I recently read a book called "Marley and Me". It's about a Lab, but regardless, I can't pass by a book with the sub title "Life and Love With The World's Worst Dog". Perhaps you'll be writing your own story soon and posting it here.:D

  • Thank you all for the kind word's, I got her from a local lady here in Springfield, Missouri. She has two B's, it was the female's first litter of 6, I met the mother she is a brown and white. Marley was the last pup available, I guess the timing was right.

    My wife and I also have two male Dachshund's. Marley has already become the alpha female of the pack.

  • If Marley's parents are not in the OFA database, http://www.offa.org as being tested for Fanconi then please order a test kit and register with the Canine Phenome Project to get her tested.

    You can order a test kit from OFA, https://secure.offa.org/cart.html

    Registration with the Canine Phenome Project is free and can be done at, http://www.caninephenome.org

  • Do you know, is the breeder a BCOA member?

  • Oh my gosh SOOOOO cute!!!!!! I've never wanted a black/white before, but seeing that face. Now I need one!!!!

    This is a bad time of year…. Thank God I've had puppies for two years & the thought of housetraining another makes me cringe.

  • Welcome to the pack! Beautiful pup - but just wait she may yet show "typical" basenji behavior (hide the tissue, paper towels, TP, etc). 😃

  • She is beautiful. She has that look in her eyes. If she is as mischievous and energetic as our Marley was then you are in for years of laughter and entertainment. Just remember to take a deep breath and laugh.
    I am so happy for you. Welcome from another new member.

  • Please please tell me who the sire and dam are - I have a bitch that I've lost track of in that area and want to see if she is being used in violation of my contract.

    It really is important - you can go to my website and email me from there - thank you

  • I am sorry but I am going to have to withdraw from this wonderful forum, I find diane mcarthy's repeated inquaries as to where I obtained my puppy completely out of line and offensive. I will be glad to post the email exchange between us over the past couple of days, because it seems you can't post here with out having proof of pedigree, even if it's evident in the pics that she is. So Diane thanks for driving off a newly devoted B owner.

  • So here is a partial exchange from her, great job Diane.
    Oh well - that's too bad as you loose out on the opportunity to register with AKC to participate in some fun activities like Rally Obedience.
    In any event - it is likely that a male from a breeding that should not have happened is the sire. That would mean that on that side there is a thyroid issue temperament issue, fanconi and hip dysplasia, and progressive retinal atrophy. Since I don't know where the dam is from you will need to watch for fanconi, hip dysplasia, Hemolytic anemia, Malabsorbtion, thyroid and there is a puppy mill near me that has sold some dogs to some 'breeders' in MO that had Von Wildebrands (a blood disorder typically found in dobermans) Some there is screening for:
    fanconi - screening tool and then if affected you will want to start the diet protocol BEFORE symptomatic. if a carrier no worries unless you are going to breed. (for a small segment of the population this test is not working very well and some who came out clear - actually were affected. The variable 'appears' to be an old genetic mutation related to Malabsorption and to date only pinpointed by one breeder)
    PRA - need a vet opthamoligist familiar with a basenji eye (untreatable but will tell you that your dog will go blind)
    PPM - as above but will impair vision right now - sometimes iris to iris strands are a precursor to Glaucoma which can result in blindness, severe eye pain and sometimes you need to remove the eye.
    HA - Reputable breeders eliminated it from breeding stock years ago - PM's did not - untreatable
    Malabsorption - same as above - depending on the severity untreatable.
    hip dysplasia - you can x-ray at 2 yrs of age and send to Orthopaedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) so you know if as the dog ages you will have to consider replacing the hip.
    Thyroid - like everything else with a basenji - normal for all dogs in thyroid is too low for basenjis - when you do the thyroid screening ask for a full panel not just the T4. Start looking for this if: THe dog gains a lot of weight, coat is dull and dry, changes in behavior to more aggressive or hyper. Treatable with supliment of Soloxine.
    That about covers it - better to have info you may not need than need info that you may not have.
    --- On Wed, 10/22/08, regent305.excite

  • Sure glad I took the time to PRIVATELY provide information on what MAY be in the animal they have. FYI my lastest exchange to this person provided a link to the BCOA website for the list of Health issues, and for basenji companions as I think it is important to have a reliable source for information.

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