• I need a little reassurance. We will be boarding Lola for a week, starting Saturday, and it will be her first time. Will someone please tell me she'll be okay? 😞 She used to have pretty bad separation anxiety, although she's much better now. Of course she still doesn't like to be separated from us.

    I'd really liek to hear that there are others with clingy Bs, who've made it through boarding the first time. She'll be at a place with stall style kennels (she hasn't slept in her crate for a year!), 4 acres to run around in occasionally, daily walks and even optional "spoiling", otherwise known as hanging out in the kennel office.

    So, do you think she'll be okay? I think I'm probably worrying too much, but I just don't want her to be miserable….or scream and howl all night and get sent home. :eek:

  • And by the way, she'll be staying at "A Canine Experience" in Snohomish, WA. If anyone's been there and has feedback, I'm interested.

  • What you need to do is walk through the facility if you haven't yet, so you will be calm when you drop her off.
    You make her think she is going to Disneyland…
    Only happy voice and good calm vibes for her when you take her in and drop her off.
    You cry in the car on the way home, but before she leaves you, its all roses and rainbows...
    THAT will set her up for a very good mindset for boarding.
    Honestly, she will be fine.
    I have heard that with some dogs, they don't want to leave the kennels, because there is so much going on, its like a kid at the play ground..
    MOM, do we really have to leave NOW???

  • Sorry, I'm in the middle of the country so I have no knowledge of your kennel.
    I would however like to share what we do when it's necessary to kennel.

    We have a special dog bag. On the outside we have pictures of our 2, a brief explanation of their individual personalities, likes, and dislikes. I also include favored saying in my home (ie.."what a handsome boy, TY", "Sissy sits sooo pretty", "that's my good kids", etc..). The bag, equipped with a clasp to hang on the kennel gate so ALL employees see it, has treats and meds if necessary with specific instructions and a variety of toys to be changed out every 2 days. I also bring our own food, bowls and water from home (to be diluted into the kennel water).

    Most important, IMO, is I bring the dog bed and bedding from home along with a T-shirt we have worn for a few days and is saturated with our personal smell and the smells from the home. I have to make sure the kennel doesn't wash the T-shirt, as they will wash the dog bedding if it becomes soiled or turns to the stinkier side of just plain stinky!! Also, insist they call and use your vet if needed, even if it's just an easy question.

    I might sound like the client from hell, but I learned these things from my vet and the owner, who is also the on site operator of the facility. She's a gem, and the kennel is immaculate (also with AC in the summer and heat in the winter–many don't--and if you don't think to ask they won't tell you)

    I'm sure Lola will do fine!! I actually think I stress more than the dogs. I hate leaving them:o

  • Thank you both for your responses. I do feel better 🙂

  • Yes, I enjoyed reading this as well…I think I have a kennel picked out for Tosca, but haven't brought myself to be able to take her and leave her there yet...I toured it with her, and the owner was super nice, but Tosca just shook when I brought her in where the other dogs were crated. Otherwise she was very friendly to the owner. We might go back and visit again, and try to make it a positive experience before boarding her for real, but I will be scared to death too when I finally do it...any other advice/tips/stories out there that can help us first time boarders?

  • Ohh - I feel for you. I had to put Duke in a kennel when he was 7 months old - he was such a puppy - when we got him back, he didn't seem any different. I felt so bad after that, that I swore if we were to ever kennel him again, he'd be with his best mate. So…we got Daisy. However, they haven't ever been kenneled together. But if we ever needed to do so, they would have each other...so I wouldn't feel bad. By the way - Daisy and Duke are by all means reliable together in one crate. I trust them together - if/when the time comes I need to kennel them.

  • I do much the same as snorky posted - I pack a special bag, complete w/ labeled meals, treats, bowls, bedding, worn t-shirts, toys, emergency contacts, and explicit instructions.

    I think one of the most important things when boarding a B, is to make sure the facility has Basenji experience. Their antics, their bolting/jumping abilities, and their sounds can be a handful for an inexperienced kennel employee.

  • yup- I take my "Doggie Bag", too. It has his blanket, a t-shirt I have slept in, food, and treats.

    I make up names for all things he is going to do while he is there….I tell him is going to to get a spa treatment and a pedicure (a bath, and having his nails trimmed) and that he will have an ice cream social (they get to play together, and then go back to their "rooms" for an ice cream treat) He has no idea what I am talking about, but it helps me act like he is going to Disneyland- like Sharron said.

    The few times that I took him, I was so worried, and the kennel staff came and took his leash from me, and he walked away without even looking back. When I came to pick him up, when they bring him back out, he has to say good bye to each one of the kennel staff. Which makes me feel really good. This was at PetSmart Pet Hotel in Pittsburgh- I know they have some other locations if anyone else is looking for a kennel, and drops by this thread.

  • Turin and I did trial by fire. We go to Dalton Cherrywood Kennel in Shrewsbury MA. They let the doggies play and run around all day long in the yards. We brought him for the day just to make sure he was giong to be happy before we left him for the weekend and told them "He doesnt like lunch, don't feed him, he won't want much water so give him some but don't force him to drink," He he. Well they thought we were nuts and so at about noon since he was only 4months old. They put him in a run by himself with some food and water for a "nap" and he screamed so loud every dog in the kennel sat down and stopped barking until they let him back out.

    It was all I could do not to be rolling on the floor laughing when I heard that. Ever since he has been very eager to go. We went two days ago and showed up early so no one was there. It was 60deg and raining and he insisted on sitting on the front step and waiting for the ladies to come get him, not in the car, not in the warm warm car on the front step in the rain.

    Indi hates rain.

    Soooo….dont worry.

  • You might ask the kennel if they do doggie day care so you could leave him for a couple of hours while you go shopping or get some coffee or whatever so he'd get used to the place. The kennels around here all encourage that before a first time stay.
    Is your's a jumper or fence climber - make sure the kennel people understand basenji behavior and never take their eyes off him when in the yard (particularly if they use low fences (like one kennel here did).
    But don't worry - it will rub off on the dog - I'm sure everything will be okay.

  • You all make me feel so much better at the idea of boarding. Seren is 7 years old and has never been boarded. She is also not crate trained. I always have left her with my daughter and her 2 dogs while we were away and they got along well. Her dogs have since died and she now has 2 new dogs and they do not get along well with Seren. Since my daughter and her husband work I am afraid to leave them all together while we are gone. I now need to find a kennel or someone to come in and stay with her while we are away.

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