• I've had Max, a male, for 3yrs and he is 6yrs old. I just got a 5yr old femaile (Scrapper) from the rescue and I have had them together for 4 days now. I thought they would take to each other a little quicker but they haven't. They pretty much try to stay clear of each other and when they pass there is some low grunts and sometime a fight or two but no biting.

    Can anyone out there that has been through this type of experience provide any advice on how to get these two to gel. Max seems more bothered by her than her of him. She has tried to approach him but he growls.

    Can anyone give me suggestions?


  • I know it's hard to wait, but let them sort it out in their own time. They may never be best buds, or they might suddenly start playing together like long lost pals. One thing is for sure, if you try to rush it, fights and animosity will ensue. Make sure they get treated fairly (own toys, treats, beds, etc) and wait it out.

    Good luck!

  • I have been trying to walk them together, get them to go out at the same time, etc.. They have their own beds, toys, food bowls, etc.. but I do try to walk them together, put them outside at the same time, etc. So should I back off of that as well? It just seems sad to see them both upset.

  • Definatly you will need to be patient. Dogs take their own time to get used to eachother, and any major change in a living situation can take as long as 4 months in a dogs mind to become "the norm". In addition I would highly reccomend that you spend as much time on leash walking the two together as possible for you. The more they get a chance to be out together on leads with you , the more they will feel they are working as a pack…..good luck, new dogs in a houshold is always an interesting experience. Keep us posted 🙂

  • We have two Basenjis - Jazzy, 3 yrs and Keoki 1.5 yrs. We've had both from puppyhood.
    While they get along well enough at times, I have to say they are not "buddies".
    They play together a good bit, but they also snark and bicker and grunt and growl.. Jazzy moreso toward Keoki than the opposite…but they live in relative peace.

    The thing to remember is, just as with people, sometimes personalities just don't mesh well. Maybe they will wind up being great friends, maybe they'll just learn to tolerate one another. You can't "make" them care for one another.

    And really, four days is nothing! Imagine moving a new, unfamiliar person into your home. It's going to take longer than four days to bond!

  • I would agree, you need to give it time… your first Basenjis most likely "didn't" feel consulted when you brought home the second...ggg And I alway tell people that you will be surprised and shocked at the "noise" that can come from two.. (or more) Basenjis.... and it doesn't always mean trouble...
    Also be sure that your boy still knows that he is #1 in the house... that is important that he knows that you are not replacing him with the new girl

  • I agree with long, long walks together, they will wind up 'working together' eventually. Separate cuddle time, or individual walks for 'specialing' each, especially Max, might be good as well. I agree that not all dogs bond, some only tolerate each other, but 4 days is just the introduction. Walk, walk and walk them some more together!
    Anne in Tampa

  • There is a sticky in the forum, bonding with your rescue, something like that.
    Its under the rescue site.
    It will give you some good tips.
    Good luck.
    It will take time, but the more calm you can be, the better for the dogs.

  • It great to hear all the support out there and I will keep you updated..

    Ron:) 🙂 🙂

  • if you can't find it, I will send it to you directly, just let me know.

  • Since there is no biting, I would adopt a patience is a virtue attitude. It is only 4 days!!

  • I am not greatly experienced with Basenjis but have lived with dogs all my life. Your first dog wants to keep its place and there will be some challenges for leadership. Let them sort it out but watch carefully for the signs of who is the top dog. In my house, my old cat is the "top dog" and when she eats, my basenji has to leave her alone but as soon as she has her back turned, Anuby, the Basenji, rushes to the cat's plate and makes sure that nothing is left even though she's already eaten plenty. Revenge is sweet!

  • Wondering how your two are taking to each other now.

    We've had Bongo for just over 3 weeks - seems like so much longer - and he and Fiji are now a real team. Wish I'd had the camera handy last night when they were sleeping on the couch with Bongo draped over Fiji. (The first week they'd share the couch but at far opposite ends.) They walk together, run together and share toys and bowls. She still puts him in his place if he messes with her crate, or crosses some other line that only the b's know and understand, but he takes it like a dog.

    I'm actually surprised, and thrilled of course, that they bonded so quickly.

    How are yours coming along?

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