• Is it normal for her to have diarrhea, she was excited this morning when I got her out of the crate and had watery diarrhea twice. She is 10 wks old and I am worried!

  • Any changes with her food and routine? Did she eat her breakfast this morning? Did it stay down? Any chance she has eaten something she shouldn't? If she is eating and not vomiting, I would give this a little time, but if the diarrhea continues you need to have the vet check her out. She should have water available. They can get dehydrated quickly with diarrhea.

  • Should be seen by a Vet if it doesn't clear up in a short time (short time a few hours). I would not delay with a 10wk old puppy as noted can become dehydrated quickly. While it is commom sometimes with the change of routine (such as going to a new home), usually that would be loose stool, not watery diarrhea, unless you changed her food from what the breeder was giving? And have you talked to her breeder?

  • there has been no change in her food, just different puppy rawhide chews which I took away. The breeder said to add cooked white rice to her food for a day or 2. She said it could possibly be the change in water. She has not had any more episodes since 6am, ate and drank ok at breakfast.

  • I'm not a fan of puppy rawhide chews. There often isn't much quality control in them and if you buy them loose (not packaged) you cannot see what country they are coming from. Did you know the light/white coloured ones get that way because they have been bleached? Scary. With more and more products coming from China, a country with very different quality control than North America, I think all dog owners have to really read labels and be diligent, not only with foods but even with things like toys, bedding, etc.

    Make sure your little one continues to drink well. I have to say that I would do a vet visit. A change in water can cause problems - our breeders helped us with this by providing us with a huge jug of the water Kipawa had been drinking. We introduced Kipawa to our local water by slowly mixing it with the breeder's water. Those young tummies can be very sensitive, especially with a combination of new food/food items and all of the other new happenings they are experiencing.

    Please keep us posted.

  • I am not a fan of rawhide chews - they can be swallowed when they are not chewed up enough, and can irritate the system, or even choke them. Probably a puppy of 10 weeks should just be on her diet, and it is a good idea to add rice or pumpkin to firm up her stool. However, like has been said above, don't take a chance with a puppy so young - if it hasn't cleared up real soon take her to the vet.

  • Thanks for your input. I got rid of the rawhide chews anyway. She ate breakfast and lunch with some rice mixed in, no diarrhea since 6 am. I cant really do much with the water now, I hope that is not it and if it is I hope she will adjust to it. Should I buy bottled water?

  • I got rid of the rawhide chews. The breeder said to add rice to her food which I did. She has not had anymore diarrhea since the 2 episodes this morning.

  • It sounds like she may be on the mend. She is eating, hasn't had any more diarrhea. I would just monitor her and hopefully you will see a properly formed stool when she goes next time. I don't think I would worry about the water unless she has more problems. And add me to the list of people who don't like rawhide chews!

  • Thanks for the info. I hope she is on the mend, you feel so sorry for them, like a baby. And I will nix the rawhide chews, she likes her soft toys anyway.

  • @Benti:

    Should I buy bottled water?

    I wouldn't bother. Most bottled water has various minerals in it anyway.

  • I figured as much. Thanks.

  • I used filtered water and bottled when I travel. If using the same water that you drink, then that should be fine. I use Bully Sticks and not rawhide chews.


  • It is the same drinking water. I guess I will see what happens.

  • @jeannieJ:

    hello, I'm a new owner of a basenji, he was dropped in my lap. I don't know how old he is nor does he has papers. he is a good dog and he has grown on me. I would like to know how would I go registering him. I would like to breed him one time. he has he black nose and brindle brown.

    Why would you want to breed him? One question that a responsible breeder will ask themselves is "what does this dog/bitch have to offer the breed?" As the purpose of breeding is to always try and improve the breed. When people consider breeding there is lots of research that is done first along with health testing. Pedigree is important when breeding for not only conformation but especially for health and temperament. We do have health concerns in the breed and late onset genetic concerns. You can read about them at www.basenji.org. Without his papers you can not register him with the America Kennel Club so none of the pups would be considered purebreds.

  • jeannieJ, is your dog tattooed? You might at least be able to find out something about him if he is. Breeding is not a good idea unless you are experienced, know all about the breed's history and health concerns, and are willing to be responsible for any resulting puppies for the rest of their lives!

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