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We adopted Niles our Basenji from the SPCA and he is approx. 6and a 1/2 months old. He has been thru puppy training at the St. Pete Dog Club but still needs some help. (as do we) We are trying to find a trainer in the Tampa Bay area that is familiar with Basenji's. We really love him but want to be sure he gets the proper training. Since he was a rescue dog he has socialization issues along with other problems. Please help.

Try the CCPDT trainer search to find a Certified Professional Dog Trainer.

Thank you so much for the info. I looked on the website and found a trainer in our city.

What is your b doing?

So many things. The main thing is the biting. We have tried many options to get him to stop. Pretty much to no avail. He is also a chewer. Paper, electrical cords, carpet, the list goes on. Because he was a rescue from SPCA he has not been socialized. We have tried a class, but he was scared to death. He is so adorable and we love him so much. We just want Niles and ourselves to be trained properly so we will have a great family.

See what the trainer says. We are all hoping this can work out.

We will make it work out. He has won our hearts.

If you got him from the St. Pete SPCA, he is likely one of the infamous Holland dogs (30 plus basenjis rescued last year in Hillsborough county) and they are very human-shy and unsocialized, but with some work they turn out great, we know of 2 who are several years old now who are great dogs.

6 1/2 months is rough age, with chewing and hard play biting, even for home raised, socialized pups! When we have had pups, we cried out when they would bite too hard, startle them then redirect them. Also remember, a tired basenji pup is a good (or at least tolerable) basenji! Good luck. We have a friend in Safety Harbor who has a trainer she likes, and has worked with her 2 basenjis, one of whom was pretty unsocialized when she rescued her.

Hi Terri, I am in the Tampa area, private message me if you need any info, I'll be glad to share anything I know about this area.

how long have you had him?
Biting can take months to curb! Its really a matter of consistency and patience, i know it is hard!! I would highly recommend finding a good behaviourist in your area to teach you the neccessary tools to get him to be a confident great dog

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