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@tanza okay thank you I will definitely inquire about that 🙂

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@eeeefarm thank you for the reply. I definitely plan to get a coat for him and boots is a good suggestion! Thank you

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My name is Corey and I have been researching basenjis now for about 2 years making sure I have a decent understanding of the breed and have decided it is a breed I am interested in looking after. I am currently 23 years old, I just finished my business degree and am currently working from home and expect to do so for the next several years. I spent some time in the military so I like to be active. I have had a black lab for 9 years until her passing when I was 16. my parents got a yellow lab soon after he recieved 4 walks a day approx. 2.5 km each and usually played fetch for about 30 minutes. I have an Apartment about 1500 square feet with another 150 square feet of balcony space. The apartment building also has a dog care service which has dog walking and can come in to feed your dog they also have dedicated relief areas. My issue is that I live alone without a roommate, until my girlfriend moves in next spring assuming everything goes to plan.

My questions are,

  1. do you think I will be able to handle a basenji puppy on my own for that period of time? Or should a wait for my girlfriend to move in?
  2. would you be able to get a basenji to pee on an outdoor fake grass patch?
  3. tips for taking care of a basenji in Canada? (All I could really find was to our a jacket on them)
  4. does anybody take their basenji camping? I know they can't be trusted off lead with their recall.

Thank you to anybody who can offer any guidance or help in this potential adventure, all suggestions and criticisms are welcome. I haven't owned a dog on my own before and a basenji seems to be a challenging breed but I am confident I can overcome any difficulties.
P.S. I might be under the wrong category and if I am I'm sorry I wasn't sure which category to be under.

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