• @tanza okay thank you I will definitely inquire about that 🙂

  • @kembe
    Hello I’m in MA, I have a Basenji almost 6 months old. Do you know of any good trainer? Or Basenji play groups? Is hard to socialize them during COVID...

  • @corey_hebb said in New puppy?:

    My questions are,
    do you think I will be able to handle a basenji puppy on my own for that period of time? Or should a wait for my girlfriend to move in?

    You can do it on your own.

    would you be able to get a basenji to pee on an outdoor fake grass patch?

    Yes, but you have to be consistent

    tips for taking care of a basenji in Canada? (All I could really find was to our a jacket on them)

    sweaters and boots. Try to find a mall or indoor walking facility, Basenjis need lots of exercise.

    does anybody take their basenji camping? I know they can't be trusted off lead with their recall.

    I don’t trust my Basenji off leash yet, but he has been camping and does very well. Get a long leash so your puppy can explore under supervision.

  • After reading all these good responses, one thing came to mind- if you get a basenji before your girlfriend moves in, make sure she can handle all the 'basenji-ness.'
    If you wait until she moves in, make sure she is in agreement of what has to be done with a basenji puppy.
    It would be almost unbearable to get rid of one because they can't live with the other.

  • Corey, you sound like a really, really nice and thoughtful person. I think you will make a wonderful basenji owner, but there are some things I think you should consider.

    You mention that your girlfriend will move in later. What if your girlfriend does not like your basenji after she moves in? What if she cannot tolerate the b chewing up her underwear, clothes or shoes? Is she as into being owned by a basenji as you are?

    Since you are young, I am guessing you will likely get married and have a baby. I'm not saying b's can't coexist with babies, but I can't tell you how many b's I've seen come into rescue (including my current b) around the age of 4 or 5 because the dog was the "first baby" and then a human baby arrived. You will absolutely love your basenji, but the powerful feeling of love and protectiveness you will have for your child will absolutely blow you away. A baby is pretty easy - eat, sleep, repeat. But a toddler is another story. A basenji might growl at a toddler as it becomes more mobile. If your basenji growled at your toddler, what would you or the mother of your child do? Chances are, she'll want the dog gone - why take the chance of a bite? It's exhausting to chase after the average toddler who wants to get into everything, but having a b complicates it by a factor of at least 1,000x because they are like toddlers too.

    Personally, I think it is better for the b to come into a family already formed - when the kids are 4+ yrs old. Perhaps you and your girlfriend do not plan to have kids - that plan could change as the biological clock advances.

    I am sorry to be so negative about this, but I have seen so many b's given up by well meaning and loving owners. Some people can make it work, but you should be aware of how hard it can be and think long and hard about this aspect of ownership. Go in with your eyes wide open.

    I am sure there are members here who will disagree with me. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Not every basenji will growl at a baby. Some basenjis are wonderful with kids. Until you get there, you won't know. It's up to you whether or not you want to take that chance.

  • @kylo
    Where in MA are you located?

  • @eeeefarm said in New puppy?:

    He was more helpful than he ever was before my injury, patiently staying put while I struggled to suit him up for his walk.

    Isn't that always the way with Basenjis ! Once you are incapacitated in any way, they really rally around and HELP ! Sometimes the help is not actually what you want or need, but the thought is in the right place.

    Pawla rightly asks : What if your girlfriend does not like your basenji after she moves in? What if she cannot tolerate the b chewing up her underwear, clothes or shoes? Is she as into being owned by a basenji as you are?

    But also supposing the Basenji takes a dislike to the girl-friend. Resents her, for instance. I'd wait until the household is settled and then bring the Basenji in. They are worth waiting for !

  • @corey_hebb - In regards to the comments about starting a family and babies, you need to start to prepare your Basenji early in the process, not after the baby is born. Consider getting a behaviorist before a new baby to help you with the process. A well socialized Basenji from a responsible breeder can do fine with a baby. That said you can't just ignore the Basenji when the baby comes, they must be included at part of the family. I have a family the is on their 2nd Basenji from me. The first they got when they were first married. He was about 4 when the children came. They have 2 boys and the Basenji and the kids were the best of friends. After he passed at age 15 the got a new pup from me.... He loves the boys, but the boys know exactly how to interact with the Basenji. Same goes for your girl friend when she moves in... however I would believe that she will be well familiar with the Basenji before living in the household. If nothing else a Basenji will teach anyone in the household to pick up after themselves... otherwise everything is fair game ..... As long as you think ahead and prepare I think you would do just fine. That said, as you know Basenjis are typically born in the Fall/Winter 90% of the time as they mostly only come in season once a year so in reality, I would say that you need to get on a breeders reservation list now and since responsible breeders have reservation list you may be looking at next year for a puppy. So sounds to me like your girlfriend will have already moved in.

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    I live in Western, MA - Chicopee

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