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Kylo does the same, he likes to lay in the patio and absorb every bit of heat

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They gave me pain meds and anxiety meds. He is under the influence of the anesthesia, going to follow your advice, I took a week off to care for him.

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Kylo is 7 months, he is coming home in a couple of hours, besides the after care package from the vet any tips for caring for my dog after surgery?

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@corey_hebb said in New puppy?:

My questions are,
do you think I will be able to handle a basenji puppy on my own for that period of time? Or should a wait for my girlfriend to move in?

You can do it on your own.

would you be able to get a basenji to pee on an outdoor fake grass patch?

Yes, but you have to be consistent

tips for taking care of a basenji in Canada? (All I could really find was to our a jacket on them)

sweaters and boots. Try to find a mall or indoor walking facility, Basenjis need lots of exercise.

does anybody take their basenji camping? I know they can't be trusted off lead with their recall.

I don’t trust my Basenji off leash yet, but he has been camping and does very well. Get a long leash so your puppy can explore under supervision.

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Hello I’m in MA, I have a Basenji almost 6 months old. Do you know of any good trainer? Or Basenji play groups? Is hard to socialize them during COVID...

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