• Hi everyone, I have been visiting the forum for quite a while, and often thought about joining the group. I cannot tell you how much this site as helped me in prepairing myself for a basenji boy. I had one of the best pointer females that had been my very best friend for 15 years, she died suddenly of a fast growing cancer. I had decided I would never have another dog, because I know none would replace my samatha. My daughter got a male Basenji while she was a Jr in college and I was the dog sitter while she was an inturn and starting a new job and life. He got an infection and they found out too late he had a allergic reaction to the antibiotic and did not make it. She then found a female basenji that they named Sadie and she is a typical in everyway, but a very sweet dog. I was so very lucky to spend a lot of time with both dogs, they even want to sleep with me when we are visiting. I guess I concider her kinda like a grandchild!!
    I had been seaching for the right basenji and located mine before he was born, I visited or had my daughter visit the breeder many times to check on the mother and puppy after they were born. That way I had a real good idea what I was getting. He is 11 weeks old today, you can see him growing before your eyes. He is Brindle/white and is all teeth right now!! I will post some pictures later. I am using a kennel for him to stay in while I am away and he now considers that bed.
    I have had to make some adjustments in my time with the new bady at home but could not be more pleased with my new bady boy. Glenn

  • Contratulations with you new baby boy! Is your boy's name Solomon? Sounds like you're quite adept to all Basenji quirks that are so entertaining. Welcome to the boards. You may have noticed that quite a few members also have puppies apx. the same age.

    I am a new mom to a 10 week old B-mix girl, Daisy. Her mom is a full blooded red/white B and was rescued when pregnant and is being fostered. She had 5 pups. All have just been adopted. Mom still needs a home. I know BRAT will find Abby, a 2 year old a great home. Abby's story and pics are in the Basenji Club of Southeastern Wisconsin website. www.bcosw.org

  • Yes his name is Solomon, we tried find an ancient name and we came up with Solomon!! Solomon was a 10bc King of Israel known for his wisdom and we thought since the Songs of Solomon were the original love songs. We just hope our Basenji Sings and has a little bit of wisdom. And my daughters Basenji is named Sadie; we thought they sounded good together!!
    Congratulations on your new baby b, I had to turn down 3 basenji's the week after I had committed to take mine. I want to have a another after i get this one settled in.

  • hi and welcome! where did you get solomon? turning down 3 b's? ha now that is a problem….i would be like, hmmm how can i explain this to my hubby? and take them all!

  • Welcome to the forum. I can not wait to see pictures of Solomon!

  • Welcome!!! When can we some pics of your little boy Solomon 😃

  • I have not figured out the pictures, I will spend a little time this weekend and get that done!! I hve to get them se sized to attach to the message!

  • You know I bet I carry more pictures of my puppy, than I ever did of my kids, but I haven't had any new children; other tan grand kids for a long time. I hope these work, I will add moore later! Glenn


  • Those pics are so cute!!! I love the one with all three sized dogs how sweet. Enjoy him while he is small as they grow qiuck. 🙂

  • They're all cuties. How did you get them to pose like that??

  • I love to see pictures of Basenjis, they are so cute. I love the tiny guy also,what kind is it. My B, Sahara has the same toy you have in the picture, I got her the smaller one when she was a puppy and taught her how to fetch with it. Now she has the one that is the size of your baby's, and she loves to play fetch. I had read that B's will not play fetch, they don't care to learn how. NOT!!!!!! We play everyday and I have the scratched hardwood floor to prove it. haha!!!!! I told my hubby that I have to get some scratch cover polish for the floor, and we will play outside. It is getting warmer here in NC, so Sahara will actually play outside. My B hates the cold, and getting wet, in case you don't know they don't like water. I have finally gotten Sahara to go out and potty when it's raining, she gets a treat when she comes back in and she knows it. You will find that B's are the smartest dogs, they actually understand when you talk to them, they understand English. Good Luck with your Baby, he will love you like no other. Welcome to the forum!!!!

  • Welcome - and what sweet pictures! They are all adorable!

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