• Kiro loves q-tips so much she secretly snoops around and looks for them like a drug addict. She constantly checks trashcans, jumps up on my tables, vanitys…. she cant get enough!!!!! She will take a huge makeup bag to her "layer" and try to get qtips out of it. 😕

    WHY? does anyone else have a qtip addicted B? Why would she love them so much? I cant figure out why she thinks they taste good?

    I constanly watch and try to prevent it. I reach way down her throat to get them back out.... but it would be nice if i didnt have to.....:eek:

  • I have never had a Basenji that DIDN'T have a q-tip fetish lol! I know its weird but I save a few used ones and then I pull the soft cotton ends off and give the cotton part to the dogs. I figure this is a good compromise. 🙂

  • THANK GOD… i honestly thought i was the only one! Do your dogs eat that cotton? is that good for them? so is it the tatse of cotton they like? so weird!!!!

    i can deal with that if that okay for her....

  • It isn't the taste of the cotton they like…its the taste of the USED cotton. 😃

  • "Used" is the operative word for much basenji thievery. Used q-tips, used kleenex, used paper towels, used undies….

    Anne in Tampa

  • I don't even keep q tips in the house much anymore because of Congo. If I do my makeup and have a qtip he tries every sneaky trick in the book to get it including destroying the kitchen garbage so I would go clean that up and he could steal the q tip.

  • Seren hasn't bothered any of our Q-tips, it's the toilet paper. Heaven forbid if you leave a bathroom door open. She will unroll an entire roll of toilet paper stringing it down the hall and throughout the house. After she unrolls it she proceeds to shred it everywhere. It looks like a blizzard has hit. I thought she would out grow this behaviour in time, but she hasn't. She is 6 now and will do it any chance she gets. She doesn't seem interested in anything else but the toilet paper. I sometimes call her an old goat.

  • Rocco is the same with TP…and he can be so delicate at pulling it off the roll to maximize the length of the TP trail...and then the wonderful delicacy of paper towels!...he can find paper towels in places i never knew there were some...walks into a room and b-lines it right for the paper...ughh...

  • Tosca goes for the TP too, although at least yours just rip it up, Tosca actually EATS Kleenex and toilet paper. If we let her, she would eat herself sick with it. The vet said not to really worry about it, so I don't freak out if she gets a small amount, but I certainly need to be careful to avoid letting her have access to it when we aren't around…I don't want to know what would happen!

  • I finally had to buy one of those trash cans that have a lever you have to push to open for the bathroom. I don't use Q-tips that much but tissues – oh yeah, EL D would do anything for them, including jumping at me to get them. Little buggers.

  • Dallas is obsessed with Q-tips! I spent extra money to buy a trashcan where you had to use your foot on the lever so he would stop dragging them out of the bathroom & chewing them up. Yuck! However, too smart for his own good, he learned quickly how to get into the new trashcan. :rolleyes:

    Now I have to keep the cans hidden within the cabinets in the bathroom.

    Dallas also loves cotton balls & if he gets ahold of a bag of them watch out! Without a doubt there will be little puffs of cotton strewn all over the place! Been there, done that 🆒

  • HAHAHA I bought those trash cans…all metal foot push ones.... but she just lifts open the lid.... you can hear her thievery down the hall since it involves the trash can..you hear the lid 'TING" shut and you know shes found something and off running to a small hiding place!!!!

    IM glad shes not into the TP... eats himself sick!!! dear lord! thats funny.

    kiro also ate my FAVORITE bra this weekend..... a pushup strapless in tan that actually held and didnt shift it had a clear center for summer dresses!!!!for those who dont understand... that is VERY hard to find!!!
    RIP fav bra....:(
    she doenst just nip at ...she rips out the center so that its beyond repair:(
    She only does this when my boyfriend and i are having "cuddle time" 😉
    I know this is a lot of info... but im curious.... are your B's extra bad when your and your loved one are "together" ? she seems to act up and act like shes angry. and really gets ion her "MUST DESTROY" path.

  • We put Tosca outside or in her crate. If we left her to our own devices, she would for sure get into trouble, and having her right there…well thats just weird to me 🙂

  • hehhehe. My 2 Basenjis always think it's PLAY TIME! Romping around with the pillows and linens - they don't get why they are unwelcome… which is why a good chew in the kitchen doggie bed is a must. 😉

  • 😉 play time!!!! yeah! lol

  • My two LOVE Q-tips. The minute they hear my husband open up the drawer in the bathroom, they come running! Savannah will even get out of bed when she hears that drawer open. They both stand there begging for them. Every once and awhile he lets them have one. My husband calls them "strawberries". All he has to do is say "Strawberry!" and they come running to him.

  • Q-tips, TP, and klenex=hours d'ouevres

    Bras and mostly panties/shorts=first course

    Gutted toys and dog beds=main course

    Shoes not in a closet=dessert

    "Cuddle time" with the dogs free= seems like dinner and a movie with the family there!!! (Creepy, but they won't go away and constantly express their displeasure if locked out)

  • So my B hasnt gotten into the Qtips YET. He has discovered tissues and kind of gnaws on the side of a TP roll, but he performs precision surgery on his stuffies. Its weird he makes a pin sized hole and then carefully takes some of the stuffing out until he is satisfied and then never tries again. The first time I saw this I jokingly said he was performing a lobotomy on one of his toys. He had it face down, pinned arms and legs and was carefully taking out the stuffing from the left half of the head section.

    Is this normal or do your Bs just tear the stuffies apart?

  • Ditto with Trixie! She loves Q-Tips used or not used!

  • I love the Q-tip obsession! We discovered a hilarious game…my husband goes on one side of a closed dog and Darwin and I are on the other. then my husband drags the Q-tips around under the door or randomly pokes it out. Darwin goes crazy trying to get the Q-tip!

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