• Maya is driving the other dogs mad at the moment, she has gone a bit funny in the head i think 😃

    She had a phantom pregnancy with her season last month (vet thinks it was due to the problems she had connected to the poisoning), we have treated that with galastop and her milk has mostly cleared up. But she is treating my other two dogs, Delilah the 4 yr old pug and Riley the 5 yr old lab, like her puppies. I think they are starting to get annoyed with her as whenever she sits next to them they walk off :rolleyes: But the problem is that she is grooming them obsessively, like they were her pups! And not just licking, she is doing that proper nibbling stuff, right down into the skin. Delilah HATES it and i have had to seperate them at times to give Lilah some peace from Maya 😞 She also is doing their ears, getting right in them which they both hate :rolleyes:

    Do we think Maya has gone mad?? Im hoping she might get over it as she continues to recover from her phantom pregnancy… Fingers crossed!

  • I would say it is still left over from the phantom pregnancy… I find that many bitches will groom others when they think they should have had a litter....

  • All female dogs go through a false pregnancy after their season because they get hit with the hormones whether they are pregnant or not. Some girls just show more signs of the false pregnancy than others. My half Avongara girl gets milk with every false pregnancy and currently looks more milky than Rio who has a pup she is nursing. The only reason I didn't put him on Sophie when Rio didn't have enough milk was I was afraid she would get so full of milk that mastitis would be a real concern with only one pup to feed.

    As for the grooming, mine seem to go through phases where they groom each other to the point of annoyance. Today Rio groomed Nicky's ears until he finally got up and left because she refused to take a hint that he was done. But they each have their moments and usually Nicky is the one doing the over grooming of the girls' ears.

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