Walker needed in San Diego (La Mesa)

Hi - I have to go out of town July 22-24 and I need someone to come to my house to take my 8yo out for a walk in the am and pm. She's very sweet, but needs her walks! Normally my roommate does it when I travel, but he'll be out of town too. I have someone else staying with us, so my girl will get fed, I just need someone willing to go for 2 30 minute walks on Tues, Wed, and Thurs (just the morning walk on Thurs). Please let me know what you'd charge. Thank you very much!
Lori and Avery

Hey Lori,
I can't make it out there those days but I have a friend who has a pet sitting service (Fetch Pet Care - "We've Got Your Tail Covered" 😃 ). You can email her at fetchmetro at gmail dot com - she generally covers downtown but she may have someone out that way. She's great with Fiji.

Yes it is. The first link is to my friend that has the downtown area - looks like the second link is to Inland SD area, and Lisa gives Gina and her partner very high marks.

Thanks so much! I emailed them to see what they charge. I really appreciate they help 🙂

well i also feel the similar thing i also need some one every day how walks with we so i have 2 basenji with both of thewm i every day goes ion walk , and they also take care of me.

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