Why would anyone need children?

  • So I really admire people who have Basenji's and children!!!!

    Here is what Nike and Mia started doing:

    I have 3 extra bedrooms that I just keep the doors closed. Nike has learned to jump on the handle (it's a door handle and not a door knob) and open the doors. Then he gets Mia to follow him in there, they jump on the beds, mess them all up then leave, then go on to the next bedroom and do the same thing!

    Seriously, it's like having 2 6 year olds just up to mischeif all the time 😃

  • Oh yeah, I hear ya. Sounds just like something my two would do!

  • LOL…mine have taken over the spare bedroom, they hate when we actually have guests in there!

  • B's are like having 2 yr old kids, IMO.
    I tell all my friend my children have 4 legs..

  • I also think B's are the smartest or at least very cunning might be the word I am looking for. When Mia wants to go out, she goes to the front door, takes my sneaker, comes to my desk looks at me straight in the face and when I tell her to drop the sneaker she pursues to run to the living room lol…You have to wonder what goes through their minds! I swear when they sleep they really are plotting ways to get into more trouble lol....As i type this they are sleeping and they look so adorable, it almost makes me forget about all the happenings of the day, but then i look at the messed up beds lol....:D

  • Dallas does that "come get me mom!" with my socks/underwear/flip flops/etc. It drives me nuts! Haha. He will of course stop once he realized he isn't being chased. These dogs are certainly full of personality 🙂 Clever little creatures!

  • I have two kids. A ten yr old and a six yr old. Kaycee truly believes she's a kid as well. Whatever they get up to, she's right in the thick of things. God help me when we get the other baby B.

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