Pic of newbie in chilli

Cammie - newly adopted in Chillicothe, OH


Aw, she looks so sweet! Congratulations!

She looks like she needs some good loving. congrats!

Beautiful girl!

Welcome, and thanks for rescuing this sweet girl!

Beautiful little girl!

Ok I finally figured out how to get photos uploaded so I have added some pics of Cammie's life with us over the past 2 months. It is hard to believe we have had her that long already. Each day is a delight - you never know what funny look you're going to get.

She's darling!

This is one of the reasons I love Basenjis, they are an adventure everyday. I have had my B, 3 yrs. in Jan. and I am still in awe of her antics. They are just the smartest, and loving breed. Everyday I am glad I have her, she makes me laugh!

Awww, what a pretty girl, and she looks so happy and at home. Good Basenji mommy! 😃

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