• congratulations!

  • All right! I just had to laugh, though, leave it to a B owner to focus on the yard! House can be a shack (not that this one is :D), but, hey, a big fenced-in yard? SOLD!

  • I know. Ridiculous, isn't it?? The yard was really a huge selling point! Of course it will be great for relaxing on the deck and bbq'ing etc etc for me and my HUMAN friends (lol) - but the B's will love it. Here is another one of the rooms, the family room… with a big window overlooking the yard. One of my first thoughts when I walked in, was "how can i put a doggy door in one of the side windows in the picture window... so i can let them go in and out while i'm watching t.v. "

    I know, im hopeless! 😃


  • How great… congrats...

    By the way, you can put a doggy door in the wall... we have on in the laundry room....

  • YEAH!!!!!! I know you are counting the days until you can leave the landlord from you know where!

  • Hey, ChaseandZahra's Mom, Let's get together soon for a dog park meeting. Sahara would love it, let me know when we can get together.

    Congrats on the contract for the new place, it looks great, love the fenced in yard.

  • Wow, congrats! Looks like a great B-yard!!

  • Oh congrats….it looks like an awesome yard to be a Basenji in. 🙂

  • this was how we almost chose our house. Only one direct neighbour and a more than 1000 square meters big garden which we directley fenced 1,80 m high. Well, the house was not bad either, but more important was the location of the house and the garden. No city limits, no one to tell you what you do and what you don't.



  • Congrats…looks like a fantastic yard for the b's and a nice house!

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