Nautical Basenjis

We adopted our B Samantha almost two years ago. That first weekend that we had her my daughter wanted to go sailing with her friends, so I took Samantha with us because I know there would always be someone on the shore to watch her. But as my daughter and friends started taking off, Samantha started wading out into the water after them. This first picture is also kind of funny if you notice what's going on in the boat - they forgot to put the center board down before turning leeward and it's now stuck with the sail pushing it to the side!

So we took Samantha out for a little ride on the boat - I didn't want to get too far from shore because we hadn't bought a life vest for her yet. So here is proof that Basenjis can sail! Have you taken your B out on a boat? Please share your pictures!


That looks like fun!


Have you taken your B out on a boat?

Not yet, but after seeing these photos we´ll definitly try sometime!

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