Possible Basenji

Hello! Boy am I glad to find all of you!

We rescued a puppy from a MS shelter…we were told she was Fiest/Golden mix (she's orange). As she's growing....I don't see it. And I've never seen a Fiest (apparently a southern hunting dog similar to a terrier). Anyway, her sister was adopted by someone in the next town over....odd and so cool we've stayed in touch. Well HER vet thinks she has Basenji. Now that I look up the breed and look at my dog...I see it, too. We are going to have the DNA done since I'm so curious but what else do you guys think in is in her.....She has so many Basenji characteristics, too.

Ok the picture with 2 dogs is My Maggie on the left and her sister (Eillie on the right). The other picture is my Maggie.


And thanks!!


Thanks. She's super cute. Here's another.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feist_(dog) - Don't really think Basenji, head shape is totally Golden, however. And if you go to the link and scroll down there is picture of a Feist that reminds me of you girl. I would doubt since the Feist breed seems to be more of a mix than a purebred that any DNA test would show it… She is very cute however

I don't see basenji in your rescue - she is a very cute doggie, and there very well may be feist in her. A DNA test would tell you everything and it's a good investment; it would help you know her personality traits and identify her behavior as well.

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