Possible Basenji?

This is Eddie! He is a 2 year old, super cute, loving, and really fun whippet black lab mix. Or at least, that is what the shelter labeled him as. After looking into other breeds, I came across the basenji. And I think he could be part. He has the pointy bat ears, curly tail, and he hates the water. He has the chest of a whippet, and the loving and willing to please attitude of a lab. He is up for anything. He is very curious, but is able to walk off leash, he loves us, and stays right by our sides no matter where we are. A strange mix, but he is the perfect dog, no joke! He barks, but also makes sting basenji noises that sound very human-like its scary!
Does anyone think he could be part Basenji?alt text(He is wearing his medal from the blessing of the animals)

How big is he? There is something about the shape of the head and the eyes that suggest Basenji to me, but the obedience is definitely a-typical! 🙂 I would like to see a side on picture of him standing.....

Very cute, but not Basenjis, in my opinion

If I squint, I could see some basenji but not likely. Can you get a video of his noises? Very cute though! Glad he got a good home.

If I cover the ears and imagine him red and white, the face suggests Basenji to me. Still would like to see a side view of his body!

@eeeefarm He has the almond shaped eye's too! But I'm thinking that there are other breeds with almond shaped eye's tool

Sorry for responding so late, here are some other pictures I have. He's black, so he is really hard to photograph because he looks like a blurry shadow! These are pretty much the only full-ish body pictures I have of him. alt text

alt text

alt text

He likes to jump, so I built him some, that's what the PVC is

He's not as square as a Basenji, but the shape and set of the hind legs makes me think he could be a mix of some kind. To me, the back looks straighter than a Whippet's would be. Tail is wrong, of course. My guess is, maybe!

@eeeefarm If you look close right above his eyes, you can see a smidge of redish brown, like the tri's get for their eyebrows! I believe someone told me the brownish eyebrows are called "pips" 😉

Thanks for saving a life ! I agree obediance is definitely atypical of a basenji ! The mixed breed dogs are the best most of the time. I have 7 dogs all different breed mixes except for my George who looks like a pure bred Basenji.
All of my dogs including the basenji are rescue dogs (and not from the shelter !) Found on the side of the road rescues!......Thank you , glad the dog found a good home!

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