• How big is he? There is something about the shape of the head and the eyes that suggest Basenji to me, but the obedience is definitely a-typical! 🙂 I would like to see a side on picture of him standing.....

  • Very cute, but not Basenjis, in my opinion

  • If I squint, I could see some basenji but not likely. Can you get a video of his noises? Very cute though! Glad he got a good home.

  • If I cover the ears and imagine him red and white, the face suggests Basenji to me. Still would like to see a side view of his body!

  • @eeeefarm He has the almond shaped eye's too! But I'm thinking that there are other breeds with almond shaped eye's tool

  • Sorry for responding so late, here are some other pictures I have. He's black, so he is really hard to photograph because he looks like a blurry shadow! These are pretty much the only full-ish body pictures I have of him. alt text

    alt text

    alt text

  • He likes to jump, so I built him some, that's what the PVC is

  • He's not as square as a Basenji, but the shape and set of the hind legs makes me think he could be a mix of some kind. To me, the back looks straighter than a Whippet's would be. Tail is wrong, of course. My guess is, maybe!

  • @eeeefarm If you look close right above his eyes, you can see a smidge of redish brown, like the tri's get for their eyebrows! I believe someone told me the brownish eyebrows are called "pips" 😉

  • Thanks for saving a life ! I agree obediance is definitely atypical of a basenji ! The mixed breed dogs are the best most of the time. I have 7 dogs all different breed mixes except for my George who looks like a pure bred Basenji.
    All of my dogs including the basenji are rescue dogs (and not from the shelter !) Found on the side of the road rescues!......Thank you , glad the dog found a good home!

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