Jack & Aiden Easter

Aiden and his Jacker taking a nap after a long easter day

Aiden's all dressed up for Easter

MORE to come!!!

Basenji Mix

Cute pictures - Aiden is a handsome little fella! Good to see Aiden and Jack co-habitating so well.

So great to hear…. congrats on the great turn around with Jack

Oh, he's beautiful!!! Aiden, that is. Well, Jack too, but you know…... 🙂

nice photos.

They are both just too precious.

Very nice photos. Aiden looks like a real gentleman!

**Before Opening Easter Baskets…

(Both are Anxious for their Baskets…)

Aiden And Jack After Opening their Baskets...

(Jack's knocked out tired & Aiden's ready for MORE!!)**

How sweet and adorable they both are! So sweet that he won't sleep without Aiden's blanket!

OOOH OOH what did Jack get??

Some chews and a greenie and a new rope ((oh thats another story, he is OBSESSED with his rope and it had been washed a few times and was in need of replacement, and i searched EVERYWHERE to find the same one but couldnt. It was orange, white and red, and I could only find a new one that was red and white…the LOOK he gave me when i tried to give him the new one after i threw the old one away was SO mean, like "How DARE you, i KNOW thats not MY rope..." But after Daddy threw it a few times (and retrieved it a few times) Jack warmed up and LOVES the new one too!! hahaa))

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