Capt. Jack and Baby Aiden (pics)

**Here are the photos I said I'd post. Im sure there are more to come!!! Enjoy!!:D

Jack looking at his new little play buddy and resting his head on Mommy!!!!

Aiden Daddy and Jackers

The sniff sniff and a cuddle!!!**

So cute! Such a good boy!

So cute…I love the pick of him sniffing Aiden 😃 !

Congrats and I am glad things are going well.

Too cute. Jack's probably trying to figure out what the heck that thing is! LOL

And again – BEAUTIFUL baby!!!

awwwwwwww… sweet. Great pictures! I escpecially love the last one.

Very cute!

Very precious!!! I love how curious Jack is about WHAT that thing is!! LOL

How sweet! Cute baby! It almost looks like Jack is trying to hug the little one!!

Awww those are abolutley adorable, congrats again

congrats on your new bundle of energy. what a wonderful memory you have shared. i am glad to see jack understands aiden is a puppy/baby

congrats!!! i am sure they will both grow up to be best buds!!!! all the best!

Congratulations! Aiden is beautiful!

Jack looks like he is going to be very protective of his new brother. 🙂

Congrats! Wonderful photos!

Too cute! Love how attentive he's being! Good boy!

Basenji Mix

At a boy Jackers. . . so gentle. I just love the babies. Aiden is "oh, so little". Take lots of pictures of him - "They grow so fast!"

Great photos, it reminds me of when my kids were born and the pictures we have of Nala…they can be so gentle...

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