FINALLY! Jack and Aiden Pics!!

For ALLLLL Of you who have been asking for them here are all the good ones!! hahaa!!

Cute, cute and more cute!

What a couple of sweethearts!!!! Love the pictures!

Very cute. It nice to see them bonding!

OH MY GOODNESSS….I'M IN LOOOVEE!!!! 😃 😃 😃 😃 Aiden is gorgeous & Jackers is soooo incredibly sweet 🙂

thank you thank you!!!

They are both beautiful! I am so glad that things turned out okay.


Very cute! How is Jack acting with Aiden now?

These pictures are the cutest I have seen in quite some time, Aiden & the Captain seem to really get along. Capt. Jack is looking like he is watching Aiden and making sure he is OK. I love the last pic the best, the way Jack is looking up, and Aiden looking so comfortable. Priceless!!!!!

:D:D:D how cute

Whew! We were worried there for a while… Ahhhh, glad everything turned out okay - it's a win-win for everyone!

The B(aby) is happy and the other B(Capt. Jack) is happy, too!

Love the pics! They look good together!

Basenji Mix

Aiden is so so cute!!! And well Jack is too, and it is great to see these precious photos of your two babies together. Looks like Jack is glad to have peace and quiet to bond with his new little brother. Never stop photographing - Aiden will grow up before you know it.

So cute!!!!! Was Jack licking Aiden's toes in that one pic?? They are just too cute!

Yes… he was licking his toes...LOL he is always "cleaning" him...his fingers toes and the top of his head...well and RIGHT after a bottle Jack likes to just SNIFF his mouth...mmmmm When i spill a little formula on the floor Jack BEGS to help me clean it up, LOL...I think Jack REALLY sees Aiden as a puppy...sure acts like it.

O so sweet!

Sooo Cute! AND Sooo Sweet!

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