• First Basenji's

    Cody seems to have settled in at the new apartment. He is starting to get back to his old self… with a few little quirks thanks to the season. I also think he enjoys being an only dog, although he loves his monthly visits with Moe. He has definitely made himself at home here.... mostly by defluffing his toys and beds and spreading the joyful fluffiness throughout the apartment.

    Of course, all the important stuff was unpacked first... his toys.

    He realized the easiest way to unpack was to tip over his toy box.

    He has also decided that this is HIS recliner.

    Well, apparently, all the seats are his.

  • Lewie likes to think that all the chairs in our house are his as well… it's hard to refuse him

  • hahaha My mix does the same thing. He owns all the chairs in the house but won't go on the couch or beds ever!

    Cody is adorable!

  • First Basenji's

    Wow, you seem to move a lot! (I know I sure did during my college days, and I definitely don't miss that constant ritual of packing-stressing-unpacking…) Cody looks like he adjusts nicely though. Looking handsome!

  • Love your pictures! He looks happy and appears to be in control of his new household, like any self respecting Basenji. 😉

  • Thanks for sharing such great pictures! Cody does look like he is adjusting really well to his new home with you. Just remember though, don't let him take over… because... 🙂

  • First Basenji's

    Thanks, he is having a ball in the new place. He recently discovered the geese that hang out at the lake, so that's been interesting.

    Curlytails, yeah we have moved quite a bit in the last year and a half. I think it's more stressful for me than for him, though. The initial adjustment doesn't usually take long, although he did go through a short period of mild depression this time. In the past, I had roommates with dogs, so he always had a playmate, and now it's just me and him, but he came out of his funk rather quickly considering the circumstances. This is my last year, though, so hopefully we won't have too many more moves in the future.

    Fran, I know 🙂 Although he like to test them, he does have to abide by certain boundaries.

    The recliner, however, is his. We stayed with my parents this summer while I did research, and Cody, Moe, and my dad fought over the recliner all summer. Whenever my dad wasn't sitting there, Moe would hop into it for a nap, then Cody would jump into it to cuddle with Moe, who isn't a cuddler, so he would vacate it and Cody would stay there and curl up by himself. My dad would come back and make Cody get up, and the cycle would start all over again. They got new furniture before I left, so he gave Cody the recliner. Sometimes I get to sit in it.

  • First Basenji's

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