• I am considering moving options soon and Atlanta is on my list of possibilities. Anyone live there know about a basenji community? Looking for a listing of best fenced dog parks with personal experience other than the search engines.

  • I know a few basenji folks from other lists in the Atlanta area, I will ask them. Not sure about dog parks, Tampa had about 6 before Atlanta even had one, but surely they have more now.

  • We're moving to Atlanta! End of May. Just waiting for DearPartner to graduate. She's from there originally. I can't believe the cost of living there. Unreal. Can't wait. Given that I was born and raised on Maui, a little worried about the lack of bodies of water, but I do live an hour or so from the ocean now and NEVER go. Maybe twice a year. I blame the cost of gas.
    I don't know much about the basenji community there. There are definitely a few breeders. We're on one of their waiting lists for a tri boy to be born late June/early July. 😃
    I do think there are some dog parks….check out city-data.com and read the threads about Atlanta. It's actually very informative. I did a search for "dog" and found some info...

  • Congrats guys! I moved to DC from Georgia about 2 years ago. You'll love it! There is a ton of stuff to do!! What parts of the state are you moving to– "Atlanta" encompasses a lot of places!! I grew up in Roswell... It's in North Fulton county. Very nice area. Didn't have a Basenji until I lived in Athens though... There are a ton of dog parks at UGA though!

  • I was talking to my brother the other day who lives in Norcross. The cost of living down there is 30% cheaper than in DC… I'm sure BDawg can vouch for this! You have to have gotten one heck of a raise to move up here!

    I moved from Atlanta to DC about 11 years ago, so I'm out of the loop on the dog community down there. However, when I was a kid we lived in Tucker and we had two Basenji's back to back. I imagine there are plenty others.

    I grew up in Tucker. My dog's name is Tucker and that was the name he was given. Pretty cool how that worked out. 🙂

  • DP is from Marietta so we'll be there until we get situated. I would love to be inside the perimeter, as close to the city as possible. Decatur, Buckhead, Midtown would be nice. Don't want to commute far. DP knows the area of course so when I said I want to be inside the perimeter she conceded to looking in the Vinings/Emory area.

  • I'm too far from Atlanta to give you any information but we did get our two basenjis in Atlanta from Robyn who owns Sherwood Basenjis. She might be able to advise you as to a good basenji savy Vet. With her crew of dogs (and cats), she doesn't need a dog park!!


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