• Hi all,
    We will be getting our pup at the end of the month and because we work longer hours we are looking into Doggie Day Care (to help socialize and tire our B out!!!).

    I was just wondering what other people's experiences have been with B's in Day Care?

    Generally speaking…any problems with B's playing with other dogs? I keep hearing that B's can be aggressive towards other dogs...and I worry that Doggy Day Care might not be the best option if that is the case. I observed our B with his littermates for quite a while and he is definately more submissive than some of the other pups...but did stand up for himself when he was being bullied. 🙂

    We are going to visit the doggy day care tomorrow & check it out (see if it is a place we want our little boy to go). Just curious what other people's experiences have been! 🙂


  • Since he'll still be a pup it should be a great way to socialize him. Some B's can have issues with other dogs, others don't care, mine right now LOVES all dogs and people. Starting them young is the best way to go, I say go for it!!

  • Thanks so much for the encouragement 🙂 I just want to be the best B-mommy I can be and provide my little guy with as much stimulation and socialization as is appropriate for his age and temperment. I can't wait to pick my little furball up on the 30th! LOL

  • And usually Basenjis have more problems with their own breed then other breeds.

    Doggie Day Care is a super option…

  • If its at your house I would definitely set up a nanny cam

  • I know several basenji owners (dogs under 3 years old) who take them to day care a couple of times a week, all really love it, the dogs look forward to it and come home tired. Good luck with your new basenji!

  • Thanks all! Yea, we are planning to take him in 3 days a week (I'm home on Tues and my bf gets home early on Fridays…) and we are hoping it will be good socialization and also tire him out so he is calm(er) when we are home with him in the evenings.

    (Although I must admit, I'm very much looking forward to the B-500 energy that I hear so much about on the boards 😃 )

  • Well, I took Jackpot in for his "interview" at doggy day care and he passed 🙂 They invited him to stay all day & see how he does and I seriously felt like a mom taking her kid in to school for the first day.:o I know they will take very good care of him (we toured the facility a few weeks ago before we got our puppy and I was impressed with the facility and the staff)…but this is the first time he's been away from us since we got him and I'm at home and I already miss him LOL.

    Yesterday, we took him for 5 short walks and he was SO tired last night, I can't even imagine how tired he'll be tonight when we bring him home from doggy day care!

  • 1st day of doggie day car…How Exciting!!!! Jackpot is going to have a blast!
    Not to mention the best part....he will be exhausted this evening :):):)
    When you become a Basenji Parent, you will tire your dog just so you can clean....or else they will tire you. When we first brought or puppy home he would run all over the house picking up stuff and it exhausted me! I couldn't clean anything without having to go back and clean up his new mess!
    Now we just take em for a long walk so they will sleep when we are cleaning 🙂

  • How much does your doggie care cost? I've been looking into bringing Dallas to one once a week after his puppy kindergarten is over but it seems like a bit pricey. I'm looking into others in the area but not finding many…just curious 🙂

  • I think it depends on where you live & what the "going rate" is. Most of the places we looked at here in Denver were between $15-25 per day. It would definately add up if you did it everyday…but we are just doing it a few times per week. Most of the day cares that I looked into provided either 1/2 day or full day care. Maybe a place that provides a 1/2 day option would be better because its cheaper & they still get to play for 5+ hours!

    I know some people think that doggy day care is too pricey...but for me it is worth the money (it was another cost that I factored in to my "puppy fund"). I work in a job that is 30 minutes from home and the nature of my work is chaotic and we don't get reliable break times...so there was no way I could count on being home to let Jackpot out of his crate for lunch...Doggie Day care just seemed like a much better option for me! If I worked closer to home or had a more reliable work schedule I don't think we'd be doing doggy day care 3-4 times per week! 🙂

  • I think that doggy day care for people that work is a wonderful thing to be able to do. Even if it is one or two days a week.. and especially if you have only one dog….

  • Yea well I have spoken to the women who coordinates this place called Paradise. They do doggy day care & I found out today that it is $18/day. Not too bad for only taking him once a week & I think it will certainly make him feel good 🙂 He needs that extra interaction while boyfriend & I are at work…even if it is only once a week!

  • Nina-
    That sounds great! I bet Dallas will love getting to go once a week. I'm hoping by having Jackpot around more dogs it will help him socialize (as well as tire him out!) LOL

  • We picked Jackpot up from Doggy Day care and he slept the entire way home (which was nice because he usually wines/cries when hes in his crate in the car). I brought him into the house and figured he be very hungry after playing all day….put his food in his crate...and he went in after it...but fell asleep before he started eating...yep, he was THAT tired! John and I were able to make dinner & eat on the couch with him sleeping in his crate without even bothering us. He's awake now and has had some dinner...but boy was he one tired puppy for the first hour or so when we got home (It was nice to be able to make and eat dinner in peace!) LOL

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