Heeeeeere's Ruba!

This is Ruba. She's just about to be 9 weeks old. She's a red and white female from Khani's Basenjis.

Oh my this one is just adoarble, I love the sun beams

She is such a cutie pie!!! šŸ™‚ Aren't they justy irresistable when that young? Although the peeing in the house probably could stop. LOL

She's a cutie!!!

What interesting markingsā€¦. she is very cute... welcome

Yeah, she has a "spot" on her right side, so the red doesn't go much down the leg. Her mother is an elegant dog, and a champion, so I think Ruba is gonna be a real looker.

Very cute! Sigh I love puppies.

love that spot on her back! sooo adorableeee

Sooo cuteā€¦Welcome! Looking forward to more!

She's super cute! Welcome to the forum!

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