• Poor Miles… when we rescued him from the pound a year ago, he was skin and bones. We have since nursed him back to health and have had great success in winning his trust. This has been very rewarding.

    Of note- upon rescue, his little body had fatty cysts on it and he also has a skin tag on his lower eyelid. We have been advised by our vet that if it's not bothering him, it should be okay- unless it changes, etc. Miles will occasionally get eye boogers in the morning- shaking his head or scratching at his face to remove them. If he wakes up before I get in the shower, I make sure to wipe them from his eye with a soft tissue. BUT... I wonder if that's what did it...

    "It" being that...Saturday we noticed him squinting just a bit. We examined his eye and it appeared that his upper eyelid was a little irritated. We thought we'd see how it did over the next or so. His eye did not improve and he was still squinty so I took off work and took him to the vet today.

    They did a stain test and it showed he has a scratch across his eye as well as an abscess on his upperlid. The scratch was a surprise. But they're treating the scratch first as it's the more threatening of the two issues. We have an oral anti-inflammatory and two eye ointments to use with a return appointment for Friday. Poor little guy is just sitting there winking at me. 😉

    Oh- and this is strange-- on the way home, Miles pee'd in the car. This is the first time this has ever happened. He did pee in the crate last evening when we put them in to run errands. Sigh... a minor set back. But he's never pee'd in the car. Odd.

    Anyways... hopefully everything will work out with his eye and he won't need surgery... but... we'll be closer to knowing on Friday.

  • ahhh poor buddy, I hope it's nothing serious, nothing worse than when you little one is uncomfortable 😞

  • Poor baby.

    Jazz had a scratch on her eye last summer. She looked awful for a couple of days, but the meds really do clear it up fast.

  • Sorry to hear that Miles is hurting, hugs from us to Miles

  • Poor guy. Is it possible that one of the meds causes him to be thirsty, thus drinking more water, thus needing to pee more?

  • Well, they hadn't given him anything when the accidents happened- he used to pee all the time when he was put in the crate- almost an anxiety thing. He's come a long way since we first got him. We considered the crate to be a tiny set back…until he pee'd in my car on the way home from the vet. But that too could have been from anxiety. He was shaking like a leaf at the vet. Poor guy. He's so big and tough at home! 😞 I hate to see him like this!

  • Poor Miles…maybe it is possible he is stressed because his eye bothers him and that made him pee. 😞 😞

    I'm sure his recovery will be speedy though...the ointment for eye scratches usually heals them pretty quickly. 🙂

  • Poor little guy. I hope he feels better soon we'll be thinking positive thoughts for Miles.s

  • Aw…poor guy. I'm sure he'll feel better soon and feel settled again. Keep us updated on the little fella.

  • Hope Miles feels better soon.

  • Thanks for all the support. 🙂 His eye seems to be open wider today. Although after I put the ointment in, he tried to scratch it!! And he screamed. AHH!

  • Poor Miles…..do you have him in an E collar to keep him from pawing at his eye?

  • Heal up soon Miles….......:)

  • No e-collar; just trying to watch him. Follow up tomorrow morning. Will be in touch…

  • Poor little thing. Hope he's seeing well again soon.

  • Well, the vet wants to do surgery- they think the abscess on the top lid might be causing the scratch. He seems to be doing fine though. Thoughts?? Right now the surgery is scheduled for Monday the 11th– and it will be done at the same time as the teeth cleaning so the anesthesia is already covered. I'm still a little reluctant.

  • Thats to bad it's not getting any better, I'm sorry to hear that. I can understand the reluctance about the surgery. But because it's by his eye, if it was me I'd go for it, but I'd be nervous the same time because it's the eye.

    Paws crossed though that it's quick and painless with a speedy recovery

  • Aw, poor wittle baby. Please keep us updated on what you decide. I'll keep him in my thoughts!

  • So sorry to read that Miles has to go through this…..good thoughts and well wishes coming his way.:)

  • Oh Bdawg it sounds like a tough decision. I'm so sorry to hear he has to have surgery 😞 I know you'll do what's best for him.

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