Hi everyone

Thought it might be interesting to join a group that understands how wonderful these dogs are. We recently purchased a basenji (Approx. 10 months ago) and our life has not been the same since. It is so nice to read other people's life stories with there dogs because everyone I work with thinks I am nuts. Trixie is her name and mischief and distruction our her game. I do not have time to list the things that the love of our life has destroyed, maimed or just took over as hers, but she has added more laughter in our lives than I could begin to tell you. I will talk more later.


Welcome to the brat-um,er, I mean Basenji pack!

Is your B a puppy or adult?? Any pictures to post?? we love pictures!!!

You are obviously a perfect basenji "owner", you have a great sense of humor, and show pride in the number of destroyed objects! We also beam with pride when ours outsmart us, over and over again. Welcome.

Anne in Tampa

Ellen, where did you get your basenji?

Welcome, where did you get your Basenji?…. and one of the biggest requirements for being owned by a Basenji is a sense of humor.....

We Purchased Her At A Pet Store. Not Knowing Much About The Breed We Have Quickly Learned (or Maybe Not So Quickly) How To Deal With Her Many Moods. I Should Be Posting Pictures Shortly (we Only Have About A Hundred Haha). But She Absolutely Cracks Us Up!!!!

Welcome to the pack (pun intended) πŸ™‚
You'll find its very addicting - pictures pictures pictures πŸ™‚

Welcome!! You're one of us & only we understand each other πŸ˜ƒ πŸ˜ƒ πŸ˜ƒ

I should have pictures up hopefully by tomm. I am new at all this but this is so nice to talk to other people.

Welcome, good fun, good folks and good dogs…....enjoy. Yes we absolutely love pictures.:D

Welcome! It is amazing how these guys become such a BIG part of your life.


Yes, they are the best dogs, I agree hands down. Yes, they can destroy your things, especially before they know what Leave It means. Yes, I have lots of things my B destroyed, or should I say did have. haha!!! Yes, she is better now that's she is out of the puppy stage. Yes, we laugh at her every single day. Yes, I would buy her over and over again. Yes, I am glad she is in my life. YES!!!!! I LOVE BASENJIS!!!!!

By the way I saw pictures of your new addition. How addorable. It's hard to believe that they were ever that small!!! What a sweetheart!

Welcome…you've found the right place for information and fun, when it comes to Basenjis! Looking forward to the pictures!

Hello and welcome. Can't wait to see pics.

By the way our Trixie looks alot like your baby!!!


By the way our Trixie looks alot like your baby!!!

Looking forward to seeing yours!


Welcome!! You're one of us & only we understand each other πŸ˜ƒ πŸ˜ƒ πŸ˜ƒ

Thats for sure. Everyone thinks we are nuts inculding out three kids. I guess Trixie has kind of become our baby since our kids our now 21, 18 and 17, but they love her to!!!

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