Hi everyone

See here my 6 months old Lasko Esengo.
His ancestors are from Boston but he is Belgian, like me.
Hope you like him!

He is a real cutie. What does his name mean?

Welcome to both of you!

Hi !
Lasko is the name of the hero of a TV show called "The fist of God". Don't know if you have it in the US. And Esengo means "hapiness" in Lingala, the language spoken in Congo. Uptil now he proves to be a hero in mischief.

Who are his sire and dam? Many of us are related by our Basenjis around the world

He has lovely face markings and seems to love having his photo taken, nice looking boy.

Jolanda and Kaiser

He is very cute! Welcome to the forum!

what a nice looking boy! I have a Belgian dog. Of course it's a malinois , not one of the basenjis.

Great character!
Greetings from the Netherlands

Welcome to the Forum. Your boy is a very handsome lad, and does seem to enjoy having his picture taken.

First Basenji's

Glad to have you aboard the forum! Very handsome boy, the name always agrees with them, Hero of Mischief is very good and proper Basenji title!! Very interesting if you were related in bloodlines to someone here in the states! Hope to hear more from you!

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