• Hi there everyone,
    Very happy to have discovered this forum.
    We are in Melbourne, Australia. Last year we adopted our amazing Finn. We always knew he had a bit of Jack Russell in his makeup, however, we have been asked by a few people now when we have been out and about with him, whether he has a bit of Basenji in the mix.
    On paper, he appears to have a few of the features such as a tightly coiled tail (when on alert/excited) with a white tip. Delights in hunting anything from flies to birds and blue tongue lizards; will try to chase anything that moves (planes, pushbikes, scooters - anything really. Very "cat like" - settling in for a good wash, dislikes being cold and getting wet, leaping to perch on a high spot and for some moments - aloof. Movement which would make a dressage horse envious! A very big personality.
    A couple of photos are attached - we would value your thoughts.
    Thanks for reading :)![0_1538561294512_MYveJAG6R7KB5ZLv0WHq2w.jpg](Uploading 12%) 0_1538561225187_IMG_3304.jpg ![0_1538698293507_MYveJAG6R7KB5ZLv0WHq2w.jpg](Uploading 12%) ![0_1538698457925_MYveJAG6R7KB5ZLv0WHq2w.jpg](Uploading 12%)

  • Hello
    How about noises?

  • He looks like he keeps you on your toes. A DNA test might help.

  • Hi.
    Finn does most definitely bark. In situations where we are out on the lead, he does a lot of "feet scraping" and makes what I would describe as an odd gargle/growling sound as he does it. If he really wants your attention, he will almost attempt to talk, but, having said that, lots of dogs will do that 😀

  • @debradownsouth

    He is hilarious - wouldn't have him any other way! :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_smiling_eyes: I am actually considering looking into DNA testing - next time we are at the Vet, I hope to get a lab referral for a test.

  • Cutie Patutie!

  • @kembe Thanks! We think so 😀

  • @finn2017 The DNA tests actually can be ordered online and done easily. 🙂

  • @debradownsouth Thanks Debra - will look into that. It will be fascinating to see what comes out of it.😀

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