• Hi there everyone! My name is Hannah, and I am so extremely excited that there is a Basenji forum! I found out about the Basenji breed about a year and a half ago. They are extremely gorgeous animals and their personalities are so interesting and unique! They are unlike any other breed, (or dog, for that matter :p ) and I think that that is what makes them so appealing. I have never actually met a Basenji before, but I would dearly love to. They are so intriguing. Basenjis are so unlike any other, they seem to be the perfect dog for me. I've been told that they are like cats in many ways. Is that so? I wonder why…. :p Anyways, I am in highschool right now, and in a few years, when I go to college, I would love to purchase a Basenji puppy from a reputable breeder. However, I will have to wait and see how things go as far as finances and finding an apartment that allows at least 2 pets. (I have a Siamese kitten that I don't want to give up) But most definitely, I would love to own a Basenji, or should I say, the Basenji would own me! 😃 Yeah, I would be so honored if God would bless me with a Basenji. So, anyways, if anyone has any advice about Basenjis or breeders, let me know, please. I hope you all have wonderful holidays with your families and Basenjis!

  • A good place to start is http://basenji.org/learn/ It has some great information including questions for screening breeders.

  • Thanks lvoss,
    I found the site to reveal a lot of things that I already know, but I also found some interesting things that I didn't know, so thanks! The pictures of the Basenjis on there are cute. How many Basenjis do you have? How long have they owned you? 😃

  • I have 3 adult basenjis, Nicky who turned 9 on Dec 20, Rally who is 6 today, and Rio who turned 2 on Dec 7. We also have a litter of 3 pups born Dec 7. I got Nicky when he was 20 weeks old, Rally at 11 weeks and have had Rio since birth. You can check out their pics in the Show Off Your Dog section.

  • Welcome! Hope you get to go to a few dog shows and meet some up close and personal! 🙂

  • lvoss,
    They are little beauties! Such pretty markings, and they look like they have sweet dispositions. Absolutely gorgeous! 🙂

  • DebraDownSouth,
    I hope that I can go to a few dog shows, most definitely! 😃 Where can I go to find out when and where these shows will be located?

  • http://www.infodog.com or http://www.akc.org both have good events calendars.

  • Welcome…this is a great place to learn and make an informed decision!

  • I just joined and saw your question. I have had a B male for 1 year, since 8 weeks. I love him so much. He is all dog! Swims, likes snow, loves cats, well 2 out of 3. Cats don't like him. He doesn't like rain. Get one and… Hold On Tight::D !

  • Love your avatar photo, markusa! Is it on one of the 10,000 lakes? Your B swims, but doesn't like the rain?

  • Markusa59mn,
    What is your Basenji's name? The last sentece you wrote put a big smile on my face. Thanks! Where did you get your B from?

  • Swims, but doesn't like the rain? That's odd. Why do you think that is?

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