• I am Michelle from the southern tip of FL (20 minutes from Keys). Me and the gang like to show,run and compete in anything that looks fun and fairly close. Nice to meet everyone.
    The gang is 6 Basenji Turk, Fauna, Ree-roo, Chaka, Jabba and Sultana. First 3 are aduts and last 3 and the babies and 6-7 months old.We all like to do different things - some are not on the "approved" activity list after all we are B's.

  • Welcome and-there is an approved list?

  • Please post photos!! welcome to the site!:)

  • Hi WELCOME!!! And do post lots of pics 😃

  • Thanks and I willl post pictures when I figure out how….
    Mostly anything goes as long as serious fighting does not occur. AND they stay in the yard 🙂 The yard is doggy proof (like the house is pupppy proof complete with cabinet locks...). Of course B's being unique and all :those who cannot jump 3 ft. straight from floor can use their hands very well or excel in climbing. Everyone has a talent!
    Long ago I learned one cannot avoid what I call "Basenji acts of terrorism". Those include turning over the 10 gal tank to hunt fish, redecorationg curtain so the window/TV has better view, oh and one of the best is the window in my bathroom. those who can stand on the BBQ from outside and look in on all (family and guests) while in the bath. I got a few comments on that one.
    Overall very entertaining. We are getting ready today to go to lakeland to take the babies to confirmation. So offline for a couple of days.
    Everyone take care.


  • Michelle! Now I know!!! You bred Fauna to Wili!!!! How is Fauna?? How did the show go with the Puppies??

  • Have a great time. A few ladies from the basenji group in Tampa will be watching you!!

  • Beautiful B's. Welcome to the fun.

  • Welcome! Look forward to the pictures. If you need help with that let us know.

  • Hello Arlene ALL,
    I am sorry I can't put a face with the name? But here is a composite of the babies for May. The boy, Just Jamal (now has mjr and 4 pts Cdn) is with OtherMom, Sue but these are their first wins respectively. I am pretty proud of them. My friend Renee, has another B/W girl, Angel(Angel of the NIght) who got her first point AKC on May13th. But enough shop talk it egts boring to those not involved::o
    Thanks for the complement on the guys. As you can see they are sitting on the car we had looking over the 6ft privacy fence:)
    I hope the pic are ok and now I am walking out the door for Tampa. All those Tampa people who are watching come on over and grab a dog and help get them in. I would love it. It is literally building a major and I have 3 pups going by myself…..But nothing ventured -nothing gained.

  • OOps problem with sizing it should come thru now.

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