• First Basenji's

    Hello! My name is Sebaztian, I live in San Francisco and I'm picking up a basenji puppy from Bushbaby Basenjis in Livermore in a couple of months! The litter will be either red or brindle and the breeder has suggested a boy for me. They should be about 10-12 weeks by the time I get them, but I am completely new to this so I am really excited to raise a pup from the very beginning. Any tips or advice you guys can provide would be very much appreciated 🙂 I am reading through a couple of the intro threads and trying to get an idea on how to prepare my home and life for my new little companion 🙂

    Looking forward to sharing stories and pictures with you all! 😃

  • Hello, welcome and congrats on your new puppy! There will be lots of advice– and new puppies-- on here, so I hope you stick around!

  • Hi Sebaztian,
    Terri's litter was born yesterday. All Brindles…. 3 girls, 2 boys..... Glad to see you hear!!!

  • Congrats on the new puppy! How exciting to be getting a new puppy! They are not like other dogs, lol, so be prepared!

  • He is doing everything the right way!…. Did his homework, visited with Tanza at our Specialty show, however we didn't have a puppy for him due to the prior reservations... referred him to Terri, so it worked out well!

  • Congratz, Sebaztian! They grow quickly, so be prepared to be like "Wow!" Let us know what you name him and show us pics once you get them!

  • First Basenji's

    Thanks for the welcome, guys! I'm really excited, need to start getting the house puppy-proofed!

    No way, Pat! Thank you for letting me know!!! I'm sure Terri has been super busy taking care of all the newborns and everything, but I'm really happy to know they've arrived! Can't wait to see them all! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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