Hi everyone!!

I live in the West Midlands are of Great Britain. I have a red/white Basenji bitch, Pollyanna, kennel name Phantom Red Kyte. She will be 9 this Christmas. She is our second Basenji. Our first, Holly sadly died when she was only four. Broke our hearts. We really love the breed, and their quirky little ways. We love our Polly to bits, and I think she loves us too! Her favourite things are: pigs ears (dried, not still on the pig, obviously), leaning up against the range cooker oven when it is on, (I think Basenjis must have asbestos skin), eating the lawn cuttings - why do they do that then? - and basically anything she has been told not to do. I hope I am going to enjoy the forum, I only discovered it today.!!

Welcome to the forum!! We love pictures here!

Hello and welcome:D
I'm not familiar with the breeding of your Basenji can you tell us more about her please:D oh and piccies woulod be nice too:D

Welcome from the USA - and yes we're addicted to photos so please post when you get a chance.

Welcome to the group. Your Pollyanna sounds like our two. Our Bs love to eat grass and we swear they are part sheep!


I am looking forward to the photos.

Hi Beanyjeany, welcome to the forum.

Welcome to the forum!!! 🙂

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