• Hello Everyone,
    I have just one Basenji, a little red and white girl, 1.5 yrs old. So far she's turned out to be a pretty atypical Basenji in many ways – She has a very calm, gentle nature; she doesn't really get into things much, if she knows something is a "no-no" for chewing she leaves it alone, she stays off the furniture, etc. In other ways she is total Basenji -- she loves other Basenjis,but all other dogs {except our old golden retriever mix} had better watch out. She doesn't care if it's a chihua hua or an Irish Wolfhound; she's pretty sure she could take it on. She is completely silent, until she thinks our other dog might get a treat. :eek: Then she makes her 'Tasmanian Devil' noises and can be quite a handful.
    Anyway, I LOVE her and look forward to having her around for another 14 yrs or so.

  • As your basenji breeder is one of the best in the PNW in my opinion you should be able to have your Jazzie for many years. For those of you how doen't know, Bryan Gregory is one of the best.
    Good basenji breeders, they are a wonderful thing for all of us who love our breed.
    I have never seen one of his dogs with less then steller temperment.
    Lovely too look at as well. As you can see, I am a Great big fan!
    I hope to see you at the EBC show.
    Sharron Hurlbut and the 2 b's who live in my house.

  • And which breeder is this? is curious

  • Oh, Bryan Gregory.
    Jumoke is the name on his line.
    He breeds, shows with his wife Laurie.
    I think her line is Quita.
    Lovely dogs.
    He makes sure they are strong on structure, so they most all do great at lure coursing, laugh, sometimes they look like muscle dogs in the ring because of all the running they do.
    Course, my number one issue is temperment. As you can live with lots of issues our breed has, but you can't live with the dog who has bad temperment, then its tough for everyone, the dog and family.
    But if you ever have a chance to see his b's.
    I think you will agree with me.
    They are really very, very nice dogs.
    Sharron Hurlbut

  • Cool! I'm going to check them out! (I love meeting Basenji people!) Especially those who share the same hobbies hehe.

  • I am a huge "Bryan Gregory Fan" also, LOL
    He is is very particular about the dogs he will breed. He does great at follow-up once you get your puppy home, too; is always available to give advice, answer questions, etc. {And Lord knows he is patient with first time Basenji owners, very patient, …<grin>
    I love to watch Jazzy when she sees him at shows. She loves him!

    I'm hoping he sticks around for a few more years -- have to give me time to convince my husband that "we" want another Basenji after my older mixed breed dog dies. LOL {Poor man, thinks Jazzy is my last dog.} And if I get another one, I'd like it to be a Jumoke pup.</grin>

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