Baby Gates I don't use them

  • Am I crazy and/or the only one that doesn't use them? Well I take that back I do use one, but it is rare. I will put one up at night if we've been lazy and the house is a cluttered. But other than that I don't use one at all, and for the 3 months I've had Tiggy we've had no problems at night. Tig stays in the bedroom with us in bed (to the best of my knowledge). Other than that I don't have baby gates set up anywhere.

    I know some use them to separate packs or keep cats safe and that I can understand. I only have one basenji and a cat that stands up for herself and she has two cat trees that are both 4ft tall, so if she is tired of him she hops up into it.

  • I don't use baby gates, but of course that is cause we built real gates where we need them…gggg

  • Well I did find out yesterday that if momma leaves he'll jump it, lol. I went to work and the dh was asleep so to keep the dogs out of trouble i put the gate up, well i came back because I had forgot something and then i hear whining at the door and feet running back and forth, yup he was upset momma was leaving and jumped the gate trying to follow me

  • We went with the real gate option too. The dogs only get to go upstairs if we're up there with them…and if you're upstairs you don't get to go back down. I really helps keep them out of trouble and in sight as much as possible. The upstairs in our house is all hardwood, so the 500 was pretty dangerous before the gate.

  • We really didn't need them till we had to go to two packs. They don't seem to mind being confined in a room behind the gates, as opposed to being confined in a room with the door closed.

    They certainly can have a place in a Basenji household IMO.:)

  • We only use them to keep the cats {and litter boxes, LOL, ew} safe.
    AND across my bedroom doorway because I like to leave my bathroom door
    {in the bedroom} open to let the heat get in, and I prefer to keep the B's OUT of my bathroom, LOL.

    Other than that, they have the run of the house.

  • We got a baby gate to keep Cory from blatantly steaing our two little grandsons' mac and cheese at lunch. (Cory has developed quite a taste for Mac and Cheese!) However, it is useless; she hops right over it. The squirt bottle is much more effective. When she sees the squirt bottle come out, she stands on two legs and bats at the bottle while calling me ugly names in Basenji-speak.


  • We use them to keep She-Ra out of the kitchen, where I'm cooking and don't really need an assistant, and our one bathroom which has no door, where there are medicines and chokable items.

    Other than that she's got the run of the house.

  • I never use babygates, but I do block the door to the living room (only room with carpet) during house breaking.

  • When I first got EL D he had a reputation so I confined him to one room at a time until he could be trusted. The only place now where I use a baby gate is the guest bedroom. However, I found one that has translucent plexiglass instead of the wood or plastic crossbars. He would either climb over or chew through the regular kind. He can't really see through the plexiglass so it's just like a wall to him.

  • We did not use one until we got the puppy. We gradually allowed her more access as she got better at potty training, but still put one up at the bottom of the stairs when it rains because occaisionally all 3 will sneak up and leave us a little present if we are not watchign them constantly.

  • We thought we didn't need gates until we came home one day to find the sofa arm shredded to bits! Random act of boredom, but I can't trust them any more alone with the furniture when we aren't home (and by trust, I mean can't afford new furniture!:o ). However, since Sophie can easily jump one gate we have to stack two, one on top of the other! Whew! Nobody ever said having a basenji isn't hard work;) .

  • I have a baby gate on hand but only use it if a foster B is having adjustment issues.

    One shelter pull guy I had for a little bit would not tolerate my boys but was okay with Ellie. I put my three on one side of the gate and went into my room to spend one-on-one time with the foster. Well, not for long. :rolleyes: Her Imperial Highness crawled her sweet chubbiness right over that gate to be with me and dispense occassional attitude adjustments to the foster. Turns out this allegedly neutered boy was not neutered at all. After his tidbits were removed, he went on to live in a multiple B home without incident.

  • @laskiblue:

    After his tidbits were removed, …....

    😃 I like that delicate phrase! I'm going to have to adopt it. LOL


  • we only use them when its wet out so they dont get the carpet dirty thats all i dont use them anywhere else they have full roam to my house….but since having b's i have become a very very clean and tidy sure everyone can relate.

  • Oh, yes. Clean and tidy-never leave anything down, around, out or about. I have baby gates to let people come into the house without getting bombarded-but Sugar will jump over in one graceful move.

  • I love baby gates..we have an old 70's style house, with little box rooms..
    The gates work perfectly if we need to keep dogs from "things" we are doing.
    They don't seem to mind it as they can see and smell what is going on in the other room.

  • I do have one that blocks the hallway to the spare bedrooms (the master bed and a room she has access to is on another side of the house), my parents stay with us in the winter and they are notorious to leave stuff lying around such as sunglasses, purses, shoes, etc the more expensive they are the more Mia thinks they are delicious, she has expensive taste lol. So I found it easier to use the gate to protect those rooms than to make sure they pick up after themselves lol.

  • we had one when we only had rocky.. and it blocked the steps going upstairs because the couple that lives with us has the two upstairs bedrooms (we have the 2 bedrooms downstairs to ourselves) but when we got the puppy we got an additional one that would block off the kitchen and the living room. It is propped open all day. I close it at night so i know that they aren't in the living room pottying or tearing things up. when we first got Mia she was so tiny she squeezed through the bars.. thank goodness shes fattened up ! lol

  • We have had success with baby gates. I was shocked that Dash didn't try to jump it. Until I walked over it. He cleared it in a second and was right by my side. I kind of stopped and was surprised but he looked so cute and just kind of looked at me like.."but mom, someone is at the door, I can't let you go alone, it could be a bad person or a giant piece of cheese…"

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