• Hi All:

    We just got a new puppy from the pound they told us they thought she was a Shepard/Lab mix but I think she is a Basenji mix do not know with what could be shepard. So tell me Do you think my new baby girl is Basenji? And what do you think she is mixed with? She is about 5 months old (just started loosing her canine teeth) Has the typical white chest white feet but not the white tip on the tail. She also has the wrincled forehead. It is my first time on a forum like this one so I will see if I can attach a picture.
    OK figured out the picture thing here is the edit.


  • I have a dog that I'm fostering that is a Yellow Lab/Shepard mix and he looks just like Dakota…

    Kent, the Shepard/Lab mix-

    Lucy, my Basenji mix-

  • I vote for the lab and possibly shepherd mix. I really don't see a basenji… sorry.

  • What ever she is she's cute !!!

  • @senji:

    What ever she is she's cute !!!

    I second that! Welcome, Dakota!

  • I definitely see shepherd in her–don't see basenji. But she is beautiful!!!

  • Well I can confirm that the lab and basenji duo are a playful combination. Caesar is always trying to play with the labs in particular. It seems like a likely union.

    You can look on the Basenji Rescue and Transport site. They have a section for mixed basenji breeds and it might give you a clue what yours is mixed with. A super cutie!!

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